Off Season Pool Service And What You Need To Know

off season pool service

Every season in Orange County offers different challenges to your pool service.  We have mild weather in Orange County which provides extended or even full year swim seasons. There is high use and warm weather in the summer. There are warm days and cold nights in the spring. There are Santa Ana winds in addition … Read moreOff Season Pool Service And What You Need To Know

Cloudy Pool Water

We’ve all seen cloudy pool water, but how does an expert pool service figure out so quickly what is causing it? The first thing we would check at Pool Heaven is the pool water chemistry. Is there enough chlorine immediately comes to mind. If we find that the chlorine level is low or at zero, … Read moreCloudy Pool Water

Dead Animal in Pool in Fountain Valley

It can be shocking to see a dead animal in pool issue. Let us start by informing you that this is quite common and most germs carried by small animals are killed by chlorine within minutes in a well maintained swimming pool. There are a couple germs of concern that require extra attention. They can … Read moreDead Animal in Pool in Fountain Valley