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Almost every swimming pool and spa will grow in calcium hardness over time. Calcium is present in tap water, so every time you add tap water to your pool or spa, you are adding calcium to your water. As water evaporates, pure water transforms into vapor in the air, but everything else in that pool water including minerals like calcium stay suspended in the pool water. One thing I can promise you is that over time your pool and spa water will harden from calcium hardness. This calcium hardness will deposit on anything it contacts including pool tile.

The best proven method to remove this ugly white calcium buildup on pool tile is by blasting it with a professional pool tile cleaning. We use the best and most reliable company in Orange County, Ca for our pool tile cleaning. Read more about their process under here or fill out the form below now with detailed info. about the project and we will respond swiftly for more info. to provide a free estimate!


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Professional pool tile cleaning will remove that calcium buildup and other stains with a low pressure blasting of media on the pool or spa tile. There is skill and knowledge to this process, so you want to make sure you hire the most careful and skilled experts in Orange County! They choose specific media depending on the severity of the needed pool tile cleaning and location. You want expert pool tile cleaning pros who have been doing this for over ten years and know how to clean your pool tile and/or hardscaping without causing any damage. There is a difference in quality and workmanship!

This blasting process can clean many different materials from brass to glass to concrete and coping. They can also blast and clean many different types of stains. Email us a picture and some information about the material or call us and we can have a cleaning pro contact you quickly for a free estimate. If you’re tired of looking at that white scaling buildup or any other type of stain, contact us now!


Remember that hard water is causing that calcium buildup on your hardscaping, so your pool or spa water should also be replaced or recycled. It is always a good idea to do this before or after you complete your pool tile cleaning. Poor pool water chemistry can also speed up the calcium build up and fall out on your pool tile or hardscaping. Hire an expert pool service like Pool Heaven to keep your pool water chemistry ideal as long as possible!

We can provide or refer pool tile cleaning and other pool repair and spa repair projects including:

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  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Pool Water Recycling
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One thing you can always count on with swimming pool water is a degree of tile scaling (white deposit build up over time). As swimming pool water ages, byproducts, minerals, and organic substances stay suspended in the pool water from tap water, chemicals, and swimmers. Some of those byproducts, minerals, and particulates will be filtered and/or killed, but over time your swimming pool water will get harder from higher rates of total dissolved solids in the water. Pool tile cleaning can refresh your yard and make your swimming pool come back alive!

pool tile cleaningSwimming pool water should be drained and refilled every 5 to 10 years. Hopefully with “Perfect Water Chemistry”, you can just replace your swimming pool water every 5 to 10 years without acid washing your pool finish. Swimming pool finishes will get rougher and dissolve more after each acid wash and with regular plaster, you will lose your smooth cream coat after your first acid wash. We can sand and go light on the acid wash to keep it as smooth as possible, but there is no way around losing some degree of this smooth finish after an acid wash.

Newer pool finish materials like pebble and quartz have helped increase the longevity of swimming pools in addition to adding to the natural beauty. Look and read about them at our blog “Best Swimming Pool Finish”. These finishes will naturally get weathered over time, so some mottling and discoloring is normal. Sometimes all you need is a good pool tile cleaning and new water to rejuvenate your swimming pool!

A Pool Tile Cleaning Can Really Make Your Pool Shine!

Clean pool tile is like icing on the cake and makes a big difference in the appearance of your swimming pool. Let’s go over the different ways to clean your pool tile and what we use. We refer out our professional pool tile cleaning company that uses low air pressure and appropriate media to remove the calcium from your tile, stone, or boulders. This process is similiar to pressure washing with different media such as sand, glass bead, soda ash, etc. depending on the durability of the tile or hardscaping. They use great precaution as some materials are painted nowadays and you must be aware that some materials are softer than others.

Pool tile can be glazed, glass, stone, etc., and when they perform their pool tile cleaning, they want to preserve the finish as much as possible. To do this, they use as soft of a media as possible to remove the calcium. Once they safely remove as much of the calcium as they can without damage, they can add a sealant that will protect the material and give it some shine. This sealant will also help keep calcium from building up rapidly.

Along with your pool tile cleaning, a pool water drain and refill is important. You do not want the same hard water that has been causing the build up of scale on your pool tile.  Due to the drought in California, draining and refilling a swimming pool is frowned upon, but there is an alternative. It has a few names, but we call it pool water recycling and we can do it for you.  We can filter your swimming pool water back to a drinkable state with a reverse osmosis pool purification system. It is self contained in a truck trailer and can be transported to your swimming pool.

Deck O Seal Will Protect Your Swimming Pool.

Another job that helps to elongate the life of your swimming pool is a Deck-O-seal Replacement. This is the band of elastic sealant that fills in the joint between pool coping and the concrete or stone deck. It serves to prevent cracking from compression of hardscaping (deck to coping stone line). Deck-O-seal also prevents water from seaping under the hardscaping which can create problems underground and cause tiles to pop out.

Every 5 to 10 years, it is a good idea to have all 3 jobs done at the same time. Pool tile cleaning with pool water recycling and a fresh coat of deck o seal will protect your swimming pool structure and freshen up the look of your swimming pool.

Always Replace Your Old Water After A Pool Tile Cleaning!

You definitely want fresh, new water with your pool tile cleaning as the hard water is what causes the calcium buildup in addition to other problems from old swimming pool water. You can read more about old pool water and pool water recycling at our pool water recycling article.

We also recommend hiring an IPSSA water chemistry certified pool service to prevent needing pre-mature pool tile cleaning and pool water drains in the future. Maintaining ideal pool water chemistry will help add life to your pool materials and water.

You can avoid a premature pool remodel if  you take a few precautionary measures to protect and beautify your swimming pool. We can provide this service for you with a phone call, email, or text message.

pool tile cleaningOur goal at Pool Heaven in business and in our blog is to inform and inspire as many people as we can to enjoy their swimming pools and spas. Believe it or not, your swimming pool can save you money as the more you use it, the more you are not out spending money travelling and/or eating out. An efficient, long lasting, and beautiful swimming pool is a major part of your own Pool Heaven!

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