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Pool Cleaning Enhances your Swimming Pool and Life

Pool Cleaning Enhances your Swimming Pool and Life

Most hotels and resorts have swimming pools or spas, because they are valued by the traveling public. You should be using your beautiful amenity as much as possible. This article aims to enhance your swimming pool and spa experience. Search our articles for hiring expert pool cleaning service if you need help gaining that sparkling blue swimming pool!

So Many Things to do with your Swimming Pool

pool cleaningSwimming pool and spa yards are great for relaxing, entertaining, exercising, staying cool, warming up, etc. To get as much value as possible out of your pool cleaning service, you should be using your swimming pool or spa yard for all of the above.

We have great weather in Orange County, Ca. and some of the highest costs of living in America as well. You all work hard and long and you need to force yourselves to relax and rest your minds. Relaxing in your own pool or spa yards saves money and enhances healthy lifestyles. Traveling is expensive and stressful, so why not learn to stay home and enjoy your own pool or spa yard. Let’s start this journey with making your pool or spa yard inviting and enhance your pool cleaning service.

Make your Pool Yard Inviting

pool cleaningAdd some color and vibrance to your pool or spa yard! You can do this cheaply just by adding some inexpensive patio furniture, cushions or covers, towels, plants, vases, outdoor rugs, etc. Do a little shopping online or go to Big Lots, Costco, etc. and add some inexpensive color and fun. The more inviting your pool yard is, the more you and others will want to spend outside in it.

Once your pool yard is inviting, get some magazines and books you want to read over the summer and find time to get out by your pool and read them. I have personally enjoyed some of my best reading out by my pool as my mind was able to relax and take in the beauty of my sparkling pool.

Pool Cleaning, Inviting Yard, Music Anyone?

Now is also a good time to shop for a blue tooth speaker, music application, or radio for outdoor use. I have Amazon Music on my cell phone which I can use with my house wifi for customized music play by my pool.  I have around 100 songs downloaded on my cell phone that I can play offline ANYWHERE as well. There is no need for a wifi connection for these downloaded songs. 

pool cleaningThis Amazon Music service is around $10 or $12 a month, but you can use this service while exercising, out by the pool, or in lines at Disneyland or elsewhere. You can pick almost any song by any artist to hear whenever and wherever you want commercial free. Just find a good blue tooth indoor/outdoor speaker like the waterproof Ecoxgear Outdoor Speaker or ear buds at and you can connect your cell phone just about anywhere. Music can take your relaxation to a whole new level and your kids may even have some of these applications and know how to use them right now!?

These options may add a little expense to your relaxation, but remember how much you’re saving by not traveling or vacationing. I always feel like I am losing money when my family travels and we swim in the hotel pool with bigger crowds. I always think to myself “Don’t we have one of these at home without all these people?”. A big downer for me is traffic and lines especially when I consider Huntington Beach to be very close to paradise. There are few other places I would rather be.

Now Some Exercise

The yard is inviting and music is playing. Time for some exercise! Do some laps or get some swimming pool exercise equipment like a floating lap belt or dumbbells. The water eases much of the tension on your joints while exercising, so the water is good resistance for your body as well. Here is a good article on pool exercises to read.

I also have a portable exercise bike that I can easily move in and out of my house. It is made by Exerpeutic and can be bought at Amazon for around $125.00 last I checked. I have used it for 2 years and it still works well. They say that variety of exercise is best, so mix it up to. There is nothing like enjoying the view of your pool yard while exercising with music outside in the sun. Just remember to always wear your sunscreen!

Don’t forget to encourage your kids to swim too. They need physical activity and what better place than your own swimming pool with pool service. Get some cheap pool toys and balls and swim with them. These are the things they will remember as adults, so give them some good times to remember. 

Don’t Forget Refreshments for Entertaining 

pool cleaningSo we have blue sparkling pool water, inviting furniture and yard, music, reading material, and our exercise is done . What else could we use? How about refreshments?? We have a great blog about smoking bbq with wood chips or pellets with a gas grill. You read that right! With a gas grill. My ribs have never been better with that extra wood smoke on them!

Make some refreshing iced tea, lemon water, or exotic cocktails. You can vacation at your own swimming pool, so search online for fun recipes and ideas. Dining and entertaining at home is cheaper, healthier, and less time constraining, so take advantage of the amenities you have and own at home!

pool cleaningWith an expert pool cleaning service, you really can have your pool and use it too! There are so many ways to enjoy your swimming pool, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to dust off the patio furniture and liven up your pool yard for months of fun, exercise, and ultimate relaxation. Create and enjoy your Pool Heaven now!

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