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Pool Tile Cleaning

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Almost every swimming pool and spa will grow in calcium hardness over time. Calcium is present in tap water, so every time you add tap water to your pool or spa, you are adding calcium to your water. As water evaporates, pure water transforms into vapor in the air, but everything else in that pool water including minerals like calcium stay suspended in the pool water. One thing I can promise you is that over time your pool and spa water will harden from calcium hardness. This calcium hardness will deposit on anything it contacts including pool tile.

The best proven method to remove this ugly white calcium buildup on pool tile is by blasting it with a professional pool tile cleaning. We use the best and most reliable company in Orange County, Ca for our pool tile cleaning. Read more about their process under here or fill out the form below now with detailed info. about the project and we will respond swiftly for more info. to provide a free estimate!


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Professional pool tile cleaning will remove that calcium buildup and other stains with a low pressure blasting of media on the pool or spa tile. There is skill and knowledge to this process, so you want to make sure you hire the most careful and skilled experts in Orange County! They choose specific media depending on the severity of the needed pool tile cleaning and location. You want expert pool tile cleaning pros who have been doing this for over ten years and know how to clean your pool tile and/or hardscaping without causing any damage. There is a difference in quality and workmanship!

This blasting process can clean many different materials from brass to glass to concrete and coping. They can also blast and clean many different types of stains. Email us a picture and some information about the material or call us and we can have a cleaning pro contact you quickly for a free estimate. If you’re tired of looking at that white scaling buildup or any other type of stain, contact us now!


Remember that hard water is causing that calcium buildup on your hardscaping, so your pool or spa water should also be replaced or recycled. It is always a good idea to do this before or after you complete your pool tile cleaning. Poor pool water chemistry can also speed up the calcium build up and fall out on your pool tile or hardscaping. Hire an expert pool service like Pool Heaven to keep your pool water chemistry ideal as long as possible!

We can provide or refer pool tile cleaning and other pool repair and spa repair projects including:

  • Monthly Pool Service
  • Swimming Pool Remodel
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Pool Water Recycling
  • Pool Equipment Installation or Repair Including Pumps, Motors, Heaters, Filters, Etc.
  • Variable Speed Pump Installs and Repairs.
  • Portable Spa Repair
  • Pool and Spa Safety Covers
  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Pool Plumbing, Controls, Valves, Lighting, etc.
  • Pool Draining and Startups
  • Salt Systems 

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