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Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. This pool support page is for helping with common problems if something happens after our office hours or on a weekend. Call 714-336-5184 or email us at for pool support.


Pool cleaner not moving-This is usually not an emergency. If there is little to no pressure on the gauge at the top of your big, round filter, Shut your system off. If there is adequate pressure, a small pebble, leaf, etc. could just be obstructing the pool cleaner mechanism in the suction hole where the bottom of the cleaner meets the pool surface. The pool still needs to filter and there is no efficiency lost, so keep the system on unless you are worried about a bigger problem if you cannot unobstruct it yourself.

First though, when in doubt, TURN YOUR SYSTEM OFF AND WAIT FOR US TO LOOK AT IT!

Emergency Shut Off– Turn the pool pump breaker off or turn the cut off switch (usually looks like a house light switch) off. For automated systems, put in service mode and make sure all buttons are unlit and all equipment off. The system will stay off until someone puts back in auto. DO NOT PUT SYSTEM ON TIMEOUT AS THIS ONLY LASTS 3 HOURS OR SO!!

Low Water Level –  This is the first thing to look at if your not getting pressure on your filter guage or hear loud noises from your pump or pool skimmer. Always keep water up to the halfway point of big opening in front of your skimmer or get familiar with a certain spot on your tile line (grout line, halfway up, etc.).

High Water LevelRain can cause pool water levels to rise swiftly. This is usually nothing to worry about. This is just water that would flood in your yard if it was grass, concrete, wood, etc. etc. If you have proper draining, the water should just drain out the drain lines or if you have a graded yard, the water will drain out with the downward grade wherever it flows. The point is that the pool will catch more rain water than if your yard did not have the pool.

Spa Draining – Spas have a higher body mass to water volume ratio then pools which leads to more demand for draining and refilling with fresh water. Spas should be drained every 3 to 6 months in a perfect world, but we have to charge to drain your spa, so if you do not know how to drain yourself, I would recommend you learn or be prepared to have us perform this service at least once  a year. Spas also retain more dissolved solids in the water due to heat, evaporation, and higher demand for chemicals. 

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