Pool Repairs
& Troubleshooting Policies

Please know that Pool Heaven always works to implement the most efficient ways to provide pool/spa cleaning service and pool/spa repairs while maintaining a California State Contractor’s License, workman’s compensation, million dollar general liability insurance, and million dollar liability auto insurance. 

We value our customers and employees very much! 

Main Pool Repair Policy

We have to charge a $50 troubleshooting fee for most pool repairs that require an expert pool repair technician discovery and visit. We will deduct this amount from the total cost of the job if you authorize us to do the work after you receive a proper estimate. Sometimes this visit can fix the issue as well!

Heater Troubleshooting Fee

Heater troubleshooting involves opening up the pool heater and testing of switches and devices inside the heater. This can be challenging and time consuming. For this reason, we charge $100 to troubleshoot all pool heaters. We will deduct this troubleshooting fee from the total cost of heater repair/installation if and when the work is authorized. 

Trial and Error (Rare, but it happens)

Rarely, some repairs involve opening up valves, pumps, etc. or shifting and adjustment of other parts and may take multiple visits to test and solve. These types of repairs can be challenging and time consuming and we don’t have enough details to provide an accurate estimate of work that needs to be performed. We have to charge for labor time @ $85 per hour or $1.42 per minute until job is complete.

Thank you for understanding and working with us to help keep your pools and spas as clean, efficient, and safe as possible!