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What is the Best Swimming Pool Finish in Newport Beach, Ca.?

If you are considering a swimming pool remodel, you should have some basic information regarding what materials and style you will be wanting. New innovation has led to adding natural quartz and pebbles in various forms. The names can vary as some companies own the name of the designed product. Let’s go over the popular swimming pool finish materials used most often in our Orange County, Ca. area.

The 3 most popular pool remodel finishes are plaster, quartz, and pebble. There are some variations of these names as some terms and mixtures are owned by the makers of the products. There are pros and cons to all 3, so you should figure out what your budget is and what kind of look you are in desire of. There are loads of pictures on the internet, so research and find a style that you like to share with your contractor.


White Plaster is Classic and Smooth!

The first pool remodel finish I will talk about is plaster. Plaster has gone through changes this past 30 years or so and it used to contain asbestos which gave it more durability. Today’s plaster is the least durable and the most susceptible to flaws. Due to the soft marble based composition of plaster, you can count on discoloration and flaws over time.

Stains and discoloring stand out against white as well.  White plaster is the cheapest in cost, but has the shortest lifespan. Some people really like the classic, smooth feel and look of white plaster, so just know that it is not as durable and long lasting as the newer finishes available. You can add color to plaster, but discoloration and streaking may be even more noticable.

Quartz Plaster Makes for a More Durable Pool Remodel!

New pool remodel innovation has led to adding natural pebbles, glass beads, quartz, etc. to the pool finish. This process adds color, durability, and texture. The happpy medium for many people is the quartz plaster. It is more expensive than the soft, white plaster, but it is also more durable. The crushed quartz plaster adds a crystal finish to the swimming pool, so it is not as smooth as regular plaster.

You can choose from several variations of color with quartz plaster which has it’s advantages. These colors add beauty and help absorb heat in the pool water to maintain warmer warter.  You could also go with white plaster with white quartz if you want that classic, white plaster style with a more durable and long lasting composition. Quartz plaster has a mottled look when color is added to the mixture and is also susceptible to discoloration over time.

A Pebble Finish Will Provide the Most Durable Pool Remodel!

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For the most durable finish, we must look at a pebble finish. Pebble finish pools incorporate the whole smooth pebble in the finish and also come in many variations of color. The lifespan of pebble finish pools is longer than either plaster or quartz plaster, but just the same you can expect some mottling and discoloring over time.

The pebble finish may look rough , but it should not feel rough. Alan Smith Pools has described the feel of pebblestone as that of a wet orange peel. Of course, the durability and unique appearance of pebble stone comes at a cost as it is the most expensive of the finishes we are writing about.

Have A Plan and Hire Experienced Contractors for All Parts of Your Pool Remodel!

These pool remodel finishes may have different names with different pool builders and remodelers. Do your due diligence when it comes to choosing a swimming pool builder or remodeler. Check for things like workman’s compensation, contractor’s license, and insurance. Check their reviews on Yelp and let them know that is where you found them. Just having the ability to describe your experience with the contractor helps keep them on their best behavior. No contractor wants an unhappy customer let alone a bad review. We speak from experience as a pool service and repair contractor.

Alan Smith Pools  provides excellent, educational seminars on swimming pool finishes and water chemistry for pool cleaning service contractors and is an industry leader in remodels and new construction. They use proprietary mixtures with the highest grade cement to provide the best quality finishes. There is a difference in quality and knowledge in swimming pool construction and they have done alot of testing and research with materials and water chemistry with the National Plasterer’s Council.

We have used Alan Smith Pools for years due to their consistently solid work and dedication to advancement and innovation in the swimming pool industry. Please let them know you heard about them from us here at Pool Heaven.


One suggestion in picking out materials for a pool remodel is to go with tile that is lighter in color and has some white in it. Just as I can guarantee your white pool plaster will discolor and have flaws over time, I can guarantee your pool tile will build up white scale on it. This is also good to remember with boulderscaping and stone work especially if it is a salt water swimming pool. A salt water swimming pool will achieve high total dissolved solids faster than a regular pool due to the amount of salt needed for chlorine generation. 

Another thing to know about a new swimming pool is that it takes up to a year for the finish to fully cure. Extreme care must be taken with the water chemistry that first year and hring an IPSSA water chemistry certified pool cleaner is recommended.

A new pool remodel can really enhance your swimming pool experience, so start researching swimming pools online and find your style. Don’t forget that you can save money and enjoy your swimming pool!

If you need help with any pool or spa projects in Orange County, Ca., provide us your information and we will respond with more info. and a free estimate or if we don’t provide the service, we will have the pool professional we use and trust contact you .

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