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5 Great Duck Repellent Tips For A Cleaner Pool In Orange, Ca.

If you’ve owned a pool long enough, you know that ducks can get very comfortable in your pool when you’re not in it. They can make your pool fun and interesting at first, but they will make your pool dirty and unsafe over the long run. Ducks and their fecal matter may contain germs that can infect humans. Extra care and aggressive pool water chemistry is…

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Deck O Seal Saves Pool Tile And Structure

We've all seen it. That space between the pool coping and hard pool deck is there for good reason. This space is called an expansion joint and is necessary to separate the pool from the pool deck. The pool deck will expand on warm days and can cause damage to the pool especially pool tile. This expansion joint needs to stay clean and dry. Rain and…

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3 Best Tips To Avoid Hard Water In Your Pool In Garden Grove, Ca.

Over time, swimming pool water will grow in total dissolved solids or T.D.S.  This is a natural phenomenon due to evaporation. As pure water evaporates, all the minerals, byproducts, and other micro-particulates stay in the pool water. You can expect hard water in your swimming pool over time and you should use pool water recycling or drain and refill your pool every 5 to 10 years.…

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4 Best Tips To Prevent Pool Algae In Santa Ana, Ca.

At Pool Heaven, we focus on perfect pool water chemistry all the time, yet this alone may not prevent pool algae. Pool algae loves warm, shady water with little to no chlorine, but it can still grow with perfect water chemistry. We have 4 tips we focus on to prevent pool algae.High Ideal Chlorine All The TimeIdeal ConditionerAvoid Wonky ProductsBrush And Annihilate ImmediatelyFirst off, we want…

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3 Advantages Of A Fiberglass Pool In Orange County, Ca.

In Orange County, Ca., we see a lot of plaster, pebble, and quartz pools, but we don't see a lot of fiberglass pools. There are not many reputable fiberglass pool finish contractors in Orange County, Ca. We have encountered several poor fiberglass pool finish projects which left a stigma with us at Pool Heaven. My own swimming pool is a molded fiberglass tub that was craned…

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