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Pool Heaters– “They don’t make pool heaters like they used to!” screams out to me whenever we open up and repair modern heaters. There are plenty of advantages and benefits to modern heaters, but there are also more movable parts, electronics, computer boards, fans, and synchronization. These parts are more sensitive and expensive than older, pool heater parts.The other issue is that modern Lo Nox heaters went through a dynamic change to lessen the burden of toxic emissions from pool heaters. All heater designs changed and there are more bugs in all the heaters made from all the equipment makers. This is to be expected as this is how innovation works, but what our customers have to understand is that heater repairs are never simple and what appears to be just one part or problem could be just part of a problem and/or there are bigger issues inside the heater that we cannot see until we open it up and start replacing parts.

Replacing multiple, EXPENSIVE pool heater parts is common and now that there are more moving parts and computer boards in an outdoor setting exposed to the elements, repairs are more common and expensive. Your simple heater repair could end up costing $800 to $1,200 after all is said and done and when we estimate a price, we are estimating at least that amount!  BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT WE DON’T WANT TO REPLACE MORE PARTS AND WE ONLY REPLACE AND FIX WHAT WE WOULD WANT FIXED IN OUR OWN POOL HEATERS!!! We have to charge a $50.00 troubleshooting fee for the original estimate which could change once we disconnect parts and start opening up compartments of the heater. This fee will be discounted from total repair cost, so long as the customer authorizes the repair. Continue reading for more specific information about pool heaters to find out which pool heater is best for my pool.

Pool Pumps– One of our most  common pool repair jobs is replacing pool motors. Motor replacement means we save the wet part of the pump and replace the dry, long motor end and all the other parts in the pump that are compromised. Shaft seals and gaskets are part of the estimate, but there are several other parts that can be compromised and need replacing including impellers, diffusers, seal plates, etc. We cannot tell what parts are compromised until we open the pump up and see the condition of these parts, so again the estimate price for motor replacement is AT LEAST that amount. Modern plastics and metal threading within the plastic due to modern pump design presents more potential problems and expense. Sometimes it is better to just replace the whole pump rather then the motor and deal with the uncertainties, but we leave those decisions up to our customers especially on certain pumps which tend to have more problems than others. Variable speed pumps also complicate things due to more computer boards and bells and whistles. Read more on our swimming pool pump page.

Filters and Filter Cleans -Filters need to be taken apart and cleaned  at least once a year  (more in warmer, windier areas and bigger pools). Tank o rings need replacing every other year as well as part of this service. Filter grids, manifolds, and other parts will commonly need replacing as well and cost extra. We have no idea what will need replacing until we open up the filter and inspect and clean the parts inside. occasionally the backwash valve will have issues as well and we will need to replace these parts for proper performance of the filter. A clean and properly working filter is necessary for  a clear and sparkling swimming pool. Read more on our swimming pool filter page.       

We provide Huntington Beach Pool Repair as well as:

  • Fountain Valley Pool Repair
  • Westminster Pool  Repair
  • Garden Grove Pool Repair
  • Cypress  Pool Repair
  • Orange Pool Repair
  • Anaheim Hills Pool Repair


  • Villa Park Pool Repair 
  • Tustin Pool Repair
  • Santa Ana Pool Repair
  • Irvine Pool Repair
  • Newport Coast Pool Repair
  • Newport Beach Pool Repair
  • Costa Mesa Pool Repair

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