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Extra Chemicals and Pool Algae Problems in Huntington Beach,Ca.

At Pool Heaven, we have an extra chemical fee for necessary products that prevent and kill pool algae problems and keep pool’s sparkling and safe. We regularly add an algae preventative and clarifier as well as conditioner and phosphate remover as needed.

These fees include the extra testing and balancing necessary to maintain perfect water chemistry. Our goal is to provide sparkling and safe swimming pools to swim in at all times. We have found the best products available free of side effects and bad byproducts that can be found in other products. Some of these bad byproducts can destroy your swimming pool water before you know it. We pick up accounts that need new, fresh water due to pool professionals and homeowners adding too much of these bad products. The picture below is what happens fast when your pool water water won’t hold chlorine.

Pool Conditioner Holds Chlorine in the Water!

pool algae problemsPool conditioner is important, because we would have to add enoromous amounts of chlorine to the swimming pool to maintain ideal levels of chlorine without it. The sun, bodies, and debris in a swimming pool will strip chlorine out and pool conditioner is what bonds the chlorine to the water.

We use smart methods of adding all of our chemicals which help keep pool conditioner and other chemicals properly balanced. You can read about our methods in our pool school which has several articles and webpages regarding the swimming pool industry including water chemistry.

Our Algae Preventative Does Many Positive Things!

We use the best algae preventative available. It is very expensive and only swimming pool professionals can buy it. We add this product to pools regularly, but pool algae problems can be very stubborn. Occasionally, you can still get  pool algae problems even with regular adding of this chemical and perfect water chemistry. In these cases, we add full algae treatments until the pool algae problem is annihilated.

During the treatment, the pool will look cloudy as the treated water marinates the pool algae problem. After a day or two after, the pool will sparkle like diamonds. You may see some or a lot of yellow dust on the bottom of the pool and/or spa which is dead algae. Do not worry about this dead algae, because this is evidence of the algae treatment working!

pool algae problemsOur algae preventative is also a clarifier and adds a sparkle to your swimming pool. We call it Krystal Klear for a reason! This algae preventative will also help keep your swimming pool clear and sanitized from heavy use or parties. This defensive property also helps your water from building excessive particulates that can block up filters causing cloudy, unsafe water to swim in. 

Phosphates Create Pool Algae Problems!

Tree leaves, twigs, and other organic debris will shed phosphates in your swimming pool. Pools with excessive leaves and debris are more prone to having phosphate problems, but you also get phosphates from bodies in the swimming pool water. Pool algae problems feed on phosphates which is why we use phosphate remover as needed.

Phosphate removal is also a process and filter backwashing is always necessary after a treatment. This product will bind up all the phosphates, so the pool system can catch the bundled up phosphates in the filter.

pool algae problemsThese extra chemicals are necessary to keep our swimming pools safe, sparkling, and free of pool algae problems. These products also aid in providing longevity to your swimming pool water to avoid premature draining and refilling. They all enhance your water chemistry and work well together. In addition, they contain no harmful, unsafe byproducts for swimmers and/or your swimming pool equipment, pool water, and pool surface.

We hope you understand why we have to charge for these extra chemicals as they are very important. We strive to provide safe and sparkling swimming pools free of pool algae problems. Believe it or not, your swimming pool can save you time and money and you can read more here enjoy your swimming pool.


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