Got Cloudy Pool Water?


We’ve all seen cloudy pool water, but how does an expert pool service figure out so quickly what is causing it? The first thing we would check at Pool Heaven is the pool water chemistry. Is there enough chlorine immediately comes to mind. If we find that the chlorine level is low or at zero, we know to add chlorine, non chlorine shock, and our proprietary algae preventative that also acts as a clarifier. We also want to confirm we have an adequate pool conditioner level. We may be struggling to hold a strong enough chlorine residual if we don’t have enough pool conditioner in the pool water. 

Pool Filter Issue Could Cause Cloudy Pool Water

If we find that our pool water chemistry is perfect, we would then focus on the pool filter. Is the pool filter pressure high? High pool filter pressure causes poor water filtration and water pressure. It could need to be backwashed or taken apart and cleaned?

Is there debris coming out of the return lines during vacuuming or during and after a pool filter backwash? If there is debris returning to pool, we have a pool filter issue and we need to break down, clean, and inspect the inside of our pool filter. This could be a bad grid, manifold, backwash valve piston, etc.

Our best way to test the filter is by backwashing the filter. After backwashing, we then recharge the filter with diatamaceous earth. If we see diatamaceous earth returning to the pool through the pool or spa return lines, the pool filter is failing. We know that the pool filter needs to be cleaned and inspected.

Inspect Pool Equipment And Pool System

If we don’t have a pool filter issue, we need to see if the pool equipment and pool system is compromised. There could be a pool suction issue or the pool equipment is not coming on or filtering enough. We need to confirm proper skimmer suction, water tight pool equipment, and that the pool pump is turning on and pool filter pressure is normal. We also need to confirm that the pool equipment is filtering long enough.

Fix Cloudy Water A.S.A.P.!

So long as we have competent pool equipment, skimmer suction, pool filter pressure, and pool water chemistry, our pools should not have cloudy pool water. Click on the links inside this article to research specific issues.

Finding specific issues such as what is causing pool suction problems can get tricky, so read our other articles related to this subject. Read about proper pool equipment maintenance, perfect pool water chemistry, pool conditioner, non-chlorine shock, and pool filter issues as well. 

These are all important to keep your pool or spa water safe, clean, and sparkling! Make sure you have expert pool service to avoid cloudy pool water. Now that you know how to keep your pool water sparkling blue and clear, the only thing left to do is to enjoy your Pool Heaven! Get in that pool or spa and create some memories with your kids and friends.

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