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Best Pool Algae Treatment

One of the most common problems we face with new pool service customers is the pool algae problem. Pool algae also called yellow algae can grow in perfect pool water chemistry too. The best pool algae treatment starts with super chlorinating our pool water to about 20 ppm to 30 ppm free, available chlorine. We need to annihilate the pool algae with chlorine to kill it, so closing the pool down may be necessary. Sometimes chlorine alone will kill pool algae, but we use our special algae preventative in addition to chlorine to complete our pool algae treatment.

Super Chlorination Is The Main Ingredient To Kill Algae 

pool algae treatmentWe use a proprietary pool algae preventative that only pool professionals can buy and have noticed that some store bought pool algae preventatives have bad side affects such as inability to hold chlorine in the water after their introduction. We have seen pool water with perfect conditioner levels require enormous amounts (abnormally high) of chlorine to maintain ideal levels of free, available chlorine after the addition of some of these algae preventatives. This is why we use our tested, proven, and professional grade algae preventatiive. Our algae preventative is only available to pool service professionals.

Metals Can Kill Algae Too, But…

One common algae preventative is copper algaecide. It is pretty inexpensive and the good thing is it kills algae with super chlorination. The bad thing is it has side affects. We don’t like adding metals to our pool water. Copper algaecide can stain your pool surface a blue color and we don’t want to swim in pool water that may contain soluble metals? Sometimes we have to use it as a last resource, but this is very rare. Silver algaecide is also effective, but it is expensive and metallic as well. We try to avoid using metal based chemicals.

Don’t Overuse Unfamiliar Algaecides

There are some other algae preventatives, but we have found many issues/side affects that we don’t like. For that reason, we try to only use our special algae preventative that also acts as a clarifier. Our algae preventative enhances chlorine and makes it more active on top of acting as a clarifier as well. You will know our pool algae treatment is working when you see a lot of yellowish dust on the bottom of your pool. If you are a customer and notice this, don’t worry, this is dead algae and proof that our treatment is working.

Pool Heaven Has A Proven Pool Algae Treatment

pool algae treatmentWe train our expert pool service technicians to apply our pool algae treatment at first sign of a pool algae problem. Our algae treatment is to super chlorinate the pool water and then add our algae preventative along with some non chlorine shock. This pool algae treatment will oxidize contaminants and free up all the chlorine to kill the algae while our algae preventative suffocates the pool algae. It is good to brush the pool algae and then apply this treatment when the pool algae is not bonded to the pool surface.

The pool water with the pool algae treatment will kill the pool algae problem over the next couple of days. On our next expert pool service visit, we will vacuum up the dead algae and most likely backwash the pool filter. This rids the filter of dead algae and other contaminants. Once refreshed with new diatamaceous earth, our system should be filtering well and the water should return to it’s normal blue sparkle, so long as the pool filter and pool equipment are competent. If we notice diatamaceous earth coming back through the pool return lines after backwashing and adding fresh diatamaceous earth, we know we have a filter problem. We then would have to dismantle, inspect, and clean the pool filter.

Apply The Pool Algae Treatment Immediately!

You would not believe how bad a pool algae problem can get if left unattended. Our pool algae treatment has turned pools that looked like lakes back into sparkling blue, clear pools. The best way to handle a pool algae problem is to prevent it in the first place or annihilate with a pool algae treatment immediately!

pool algae treatmentBy maintaining our pool equipment and pool system in addition to maintaining perfect pool water chemistry in addition to adding our pool algae treatment, we can avoid a big pool algae problem. Our expert pool service customers can then focus on enjoying their Pool Heaven!

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