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IPSSA Water Chemistry Certified

Ca. State License #796305

Fully Insured and Workman’s compensation

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We Provide Fountain Valley Pool Service And Pool Repair As Well As:

Finding expert Fountain Valley Pool Service is harder than you might think. What makes an expert pool service? Is it experience? Is it their credentials? Is it their management and standard operating procedures that enforce constant growth in skills, knowledge, and training? Is it their insurance, state contractor licensing, and compliance with workman’s compensation for their employees? Is it their focus on customer service and communication? HOW ABOUT ALL OF THE ABOVE?

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At Pool Heaven, we don’t just aim for good or even great. We aim for being great tomorrow which means our management has to constantly educate, train, and align our Fountain Valley pool service team to grow in knowledge, skills, and customer service. We aim to be better tomorrow than today, so our main Fountain Valley pool service competition is our pool service today.

We have weekly meetings  to mentor and train for constant repitition of our standard operating procedures and to go over every issue in the field. This constant management and mentoring ensures that your Fountain Valley pool service is on top of all your pool’s needs and issues. We have proprietary policies that keep our customer’s swimming pools sparkling blue and clear. Our customer’s pools are so beautiful and shiny, but you get to swim in them too! 


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We have trade secrets we use to make your pool and spa water last longer than normal and you can read about those trade secrets in our pool school section. Read through our many articles and webpages that our President and founder writes and learn what makes Pool Heaven different from the rest. 

Our knowledge and expertise go without saying, but we also strive to provide the best customer service and communication possible. You can find the answer to those questions at the beginning through out this website, so you can feel at ease when you schedule your free Fountain Valley pool service cleaning estimate.

We can provide or refer several Fountain Valley pool service and pool repair projects including:

  • Monthly Pool Service
  • Swimming Pool Remodel
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Pool Water Recycling
  • Pool Equipment Installation or Repair Including Pumps, Motors, Heaters, Filters, Etc.
  • Variable Speed Pump Installs and Repairs.
  • Portable Spa Repair
  • Pool and Spa Safety Covers
  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Pool Plumbing, Controls, Valves, Lighting, etc.
  • Pool Draining and Startups
  • Salt Systems 

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