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Do you need expert Orange County Pool Service? Pool service may not be rocket science, but it is science. In addition to expertise in pool water chemistry, you need to regularly service, treat, and inspect your swimming pool and the pool equipment to maintain your Pool Heaven. We often hear from new customers how they can perform their own pool service, but they just don’t have time. For some, this may be true, but for most, their swimming pools tell a different story. Spending time and money on a swimming pool for cloudy, unsafe results is not exactly competent pool service! 


One of the hidden secrets of great Orange County Pool Service is regular, weekly treatment. Every week you need to spend enough time to clean and treat your pool water chemistry. Read our page on pool water chemistry and swimming pool cleaning for some helpful information. For many people, time is the hardest part and since we all work very hard and know what our time is worth, we don’t want to spend our valuable free time working at home if we can afford professional pool service and Orange County Pool Repair.

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If you do not have the time and/or the expertise, we highly recommend finding competent, professional Orange County Pool Service.  We highly recommend finding a State Licensed Orange County Pool Reapair Contractor specialized in swimming pool cleaning and repair. Check their Ca. State License Number at the California State License Board to validate as well. I once hired a tree cutting contractor who was falsely using an elevator repair contractor’s license, so there are dishonest businesses out there. Also verify their liability insurance.

It is not rare for a pool service contractor to overfill your pool and flood your house or neighbor’s house in addition to many other potentially damaging work related liabilities. We do not fill customer’s pools with water due to advisory guidance from our insurance company. This is a common phenomenon with swimming pools and a homeowner should be very cautious of any Orange County Pool Service that WILL ADD WATER TO THEIR SWIMMING POOL DUE TO THE COMMON NATURE OF THIS FLOODING LIABILITY!! If they have employees, make sure they have workman’s compensation as well. You can check this out at the CSLB too. 

We also recommend checking their reviews on Yelp. You can tell how much priority a business puts on customer service through their reviews. As a business owner, I can tell you that reviews and customer feedback are very important for the growth of a business. The important component of Yelp is the ability to provide other consumers your experience with every business on Yelp. Every business makes mistakes, but every reputable business wants their customers to know that their experience is of high priority to them and they are going to make things right if a mistake is made.

In the pool service industry, one of the most well known and expert specific associations is IPSSA. Most if not all of IPSSA members are water chemistry certified. This is a test that must be passed for verification of water chemistry expertise. In addition to being water chemistry certified, most if not all of IPSSA members are insured with the best liability insurance in the Orange County Pool Repair  and pool cleaning service industry.

In addition to expertise of pool and spa water chemistry, look for long history of being in business. You want an expert, licensed, experienced Orange County Pool Service  to keep your swimming pool or spa safe, sanitized, and properly maintained. 

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Once you have found your experienced professional, make sure they are polite and easy to communicate with. You will come across challenges from cleaning with seasonal conditions and necessary pool equipment repairs, so be polite to your pool service. Good communication keeps everyone up to speed on challenges and solutions to issues that may come up. 

In addition to expertise with pool water chemistry and pool and spa cleaning. You want a pool service with expertise in Orange County Pool repair. Only state licensed contractors can legally perform pool equipment repairs valued over $500 regardless who buys the pool equipment, parts, or materials including labor. Every good Orange County Pool Service will work with other pool service contractors from swimming pool remodeling to leak detection to pool tile blasting, so be sure and ask them about any services your swimming pool or spa may need.

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After reading this, you should come to the conclusion that a professional Orange County Pool Service does a lot more than push around a net and pour chemicals in your swimming pool. Pool Heaven attends industry conventions and technical classes to stay abreast of all the new innovations and knowledge available in our swimming pool industry. IPSSA is a great industry association that spreads education, innovation, and safety to all of it’s members which elevates IPSSA business members compared to the other competition.

Price is the last thing to look at, but make sure you get what you are paying for. Every good business knows their bottom line, so they must balance this with being competitively priced. Most times it is worth paying the extra $10 or so a month for the experienced Orange County Pool Repair and Pool Cleaning Service who has good communication and business planning to achieve high quality service as competitively priced as possible. 

Every Orange County Pool Service must constantly train, mentor, and educate their staff for constant improvement of service. Is your Orange County Pool Service focused on continued training and mentoring to ensure that every employee gains in knowledge and expertise? I can promise you we are at Pool Heaven!

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Hopefully, you have gained a little bit from reading this page and can shop for pool service with confidence. Our goal here at Pool Heaven is to enhance everyone’s swimming pool and spa experience. Your swimming pool or spa should enhance your life and we hope you search through our pool school for more free information and resources. Make your backyard your own Pool Heaven!

We can provide or refer Several Orange County Pool Service and Orange County Pool Repair projects including:

  • Monthly Pool Service
  • Swimming Pool Remodel
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Pool Water Recycling
  • Pool Equipment Installation or Repair Including Pumps, Motors, Heaters, Filters, Etc.
  • Variable Speed Pump Installs and Repairs.
  • Portable Spa Repair
  • Pool and Spa Safety Covers
  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Pool Plumbing, Controls, Valves, Lighting, etc.
  • Pool Draining and Startups
  • Salt Systems 

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