What is the Best Pool Filter in Tustin?

What is the Best Pool Filter in Tustin?

The 3 most popular pool filters in Tustin are the diatamaceous earth filter, cartridge filter, and sand filter. Diatamaceous earth or d.e. is the most popular pool filter in Orange County, Ca. Cartridge filters are gaining in popularity though and Sand filters are the least popular.

A Cartridge Pool Filter is More Green

cartridge pool filterCartridge filters are considered the green filter (environmentally conscience). This is, because they do not have backwash valves which means less waste of pool water. You will find the cartridge(s) with ridges look much like a car air filter. They filter better than the other filter types at low pump speeds and have more inside filter surface area.

Cartridge filters have no backwash process, so they need dismantling and cleaning more often. This means more maintenance and expense. They also do not filter pool water as clear as d.e. filters. Many people would not notice the difference though. Another issue is holes and tearing are less obvious due to the ridges. It is very hard to see holes or cuts in the cartridge cloth like d.e. filter grids.

The lack of back-washing and greater efficiency to filter at lower pump speeds is why many call them the green filter. There are times where backwashing is convenient to drain pool water such as rain or flooding though.

The D.e. Pool Filter is Most Popular

The most popular and finest micron filtering pool filter is diatamaceous earth. A manifold and grid spreader secure the d.e. filter grids. D.e. is poured down the pool or spa skimmer to coat all the pool filter grids. The d.e. keeps  keeps debris and micro-particles from sticking or caking onto the cloth of the filter grid. Filtered, clean pool water will come out of this d.e. pool filter and return to the swimming pool.

D.e. filters should be backwashed by a swimming pool service professional every 2 to 4 months.  Back-washing is a process where you reverse the flow of water through the filter, so pumped water pushes through the inside of the manifold and filter grids out the waste line. This forces d.e. and debris off of the cloth of the filter grid and out to the sewer or wherever the back-wash line is directed. Fresh d.e. will re-coat the grids for proper filtration.

You will know that your pool filter needs to be back-washed when the pressure on the filter gauge rises a couple notches above your recorded clean filter pressure. It is good to backwash your filter every 2 to 4 months if your filter pressure rises or not though. You can get 2 or more good back-washes in before tearing apart and cleaning the filter grids individually with a hose spray.

Depending on your area, your d.e. pool filter will need the tear down filter clean once or twice a year. One more advantage of d.e. filters is you can backwash your swimming pool if the water level gets high from rain or just to let some hard water out for replacement.

D.e. filters do have more internal parts that need replacing. There are usually 8 grids, a manifold, a grid spreader, and a center metal rod. The grids and manifold should last 3 years or more, but you can expect to pay around $300 or so to replace all the grids and the manifold in today’s dollars. Your filter grids will last longer if you keep your pool water maintained well and regularly backwash to avoid abuse.

Sand Filters are not Popular

Sand filters are the easiest and cheapest filters to maintain. The filtering media is the sand, so internal parts last a long time. They need back-washing every 2 or more months to wash out trapped debris in the sand. You will know to back-wash when pressure rises on the filter pressure gauge.

Every 5 to 8 years the sand needs disposal and replacement. That is the only maintenance besides back-washing, so ease of regular maintenance is an advantage.  These are more popular in areas with lots of dirt and sand that end up in swimming pools. Sand filters do not filter down pool water as fine as d.e. or cartridge filters, so the weakness is pool water clarity is less.

In conclusion, the d.e. filter will provide the clearest and most pure pool water. The expense for parts on the cartridge and the d.e. filter are pretty close, because the cartridge can be quite expensive and you have to replace the whole cartridge for any tear or hole while you may only have to replace one or two grids that have issues with the d.e. filter. You also have to take apart and clean the cartridge filter more often due to not being able to backwash which would raise maintenance expense. In return, the cartridge filter will save pool water and work better with slow pump speeds, so they are more green

This explains why d.e. filters are more popular in Orange County, Ca. and why cartridge filters are growing in popularity. For those who can afford a little more maintenance and don’t mind a little less water clarity, going green may be worth it with the cartridge filter. Still, most people are choosing the finer filtering d.e. filter with the ability to backwash today. Having a good pool filter is just one more part of your Pool Heaven.

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