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Decorate your Patio for Under $150 in Irvine Ca.

Let’s add to our previous article “Refresh your Yard with Some Spring Cleaning with this article which will help you decorate your patio. We added some color and life to our pool yard for under $150. We followed our last article and created our blank slate with some cleaning, pressure washing, and landscaping. Here are the pictures of our blank slate.

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Our pool yard was clean and boring, but perfect to show how to decorate your patio. This patio had very little color and life to it, so a shopping trip to Walmart was necessary. This article is focused on decorating with a small budget, but you can find loads of items online that you might like better with a larger budget, so shop and explore online. Some people just like to see and touch what they are buying which a visit to Walmart can allow.

Decorate your Patio with Some Pads and Pillows

First thing we did was find a common color with the patio table chairs. The aqua blue chair pads were perfect for a common color. We found some throw pillows that blended with this aqua blue and added some orange and dark blue with a busy pattern. You need to place the common color throughout the pool yard for good flow and then add other colors that match with small contrast popping of other colors.

After picking out your pads and pillows, look for some towels that have the common color which is aqua blue in our case. We found some towels that had some aqua blue and introduced the darker blue  which blends with the blue in the throw pillows. The towels can tie in some color and purpose as you need them after swimming. You are decorating your backyard not your living room, so add some color and fun. You want your pool yard to look alive, so your guests can come alive and feel the fun.

We bought:

14 chair pads @ $5 ea.                     – $70

3 outdoor throw pillows @ $9 ea.  – $27

3 beach towels @ $9 ea.                   – $27

cups, pitcher, and table cloth          – $10


Add Natural Color with Potted Plants and Flowers

decorate your patioNothing adds natural color and beauty like real flowers and plants in the backyard. Move some of your existing plants or flowers or buy some cheap potted plants to add color and life to your patio and yard. Pots come in a variety of colors and patterns and flowering plants like geraniums are very durable and come in many colors. We add geraniums to some of our green plants without flowers or while not in bloom to add color and beauty. Our plumerias are pretty bare at the moment, so the geraniums add a little color and life in the picture below. They also block the view of undesirable items like water faucets, pipes, valves, panels, metal boxes, etc.

What A Difference A Tablecloth Makes

Buy a couple tablecloths. They are super cheap and add a lot of color to the yard. We went with a very busy pineapple themed tablecloth with a lot of color, but you can find just about any color you are looking for. You can change your tablecloth with every holiday, so switch it up.

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Add Some Color With Outdoor Houseware

The aqua blue cups tie in with our main color throughout the yard. There were several choices of color, so find a color right for you. You can add some pop with colored plates or bowls and tie in other colors. There are so many accessories you can find to add more color and blending like pitchers, big bowls, candles, platters, etc.

Pool Toys and Lounges Add Function and Fun

Fun new pool toys and lounges are available this year at big box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. These bright and energetic floating lounge chairs below were only $35 ea. They are fun and add life to your pool. Have some pool toys for the kids to play with as well. Kids today are spending way too much time in the house on their computers. Swimming is healthy, so encourage them to swim with you and get out of the house this summer!

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Decorate your Patio and Enjoy your Pool Yard

We are experts in pool cleaning service and repair not design, but our goal is to enhance your swimming pool experience and merely want to show how fun you can make your backyard. This is something anyone can do with a limited budget. The first step to decorate your patio is to clean your pool and yard, so most of our pool cleaning customers are already set to decorate.

The weather is warming up and stores are showcasing new colors and patterns for the summer. You can decorate your patio with whatever budget you are comfortable with, but we focused on adding life to your pool yard with a limited budget. You can add life to your pool yard with a small budget, so what are you waiting for?

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Browse through our many articles with inspiring ideas and tips and get ready for some summer barbecues. You really can have your Pool Heaven and use it too! Summer is coming and it’s time for you to plan some parties and fun with your family and friends.

If you need help with any pool or spa projects in Orange County, Ca., provide us your information and we will respond with more info. and a free estimate or if we don’t provide the service, we will have the pool professional we use and trust contact you .

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