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Non Chlorine Shock Does A Huntington Beach Pool Service Good

You might be surprised at how complicated pool water chemistry can be. Some people think you just add chlorine every week and call it the day. Well, good luck with that one! If you care about the health of your family, you need to hire an expert Huntington Beach pool service certified in water chemistry. We are going to focus on the importance of non chlorine shock with this article, but whoever manages your swimming pool or spa needs to understand the importance of pool conditioner (cyanuric acid), muriatic acid, all forms of chlorine and their properties, phosphates, total alkalinity, carbonate alkalinity, algaecide, etc. etc. Every pool service expert needs to know the ideal levels and how to conduct all of these items for one perfectly balanced orchestra of pool water chemistry.

Let’s start with chlorine which is an oxidizer and a sanitizer. Chlorine disinfects and cleans your pool water which makes it safe and sanitized to swim in. Ideal chlorine is 2.0 to 4.0 ppm of free, available chlorine. Pretty simple, but chlorine can and will combine with nitrogen based swimmer waste and form a chemical compound called chloramine or combined chlorine. Swimmer waste can be sweat, urine, body oil, etc. I think you get the drift! The best way to stop the formation of these chloramines (combined chlorine) is to have every swimmer in your pool take a warm, soapy shower before going in it. Yes, I know this will not happen all the time and in many pools, very rarely. You can read more about chloramines in our article tiled “Smelly Pool Water May Not Be From Too Much Chlorine”, but we want to discuss how valuable non-chlorine shock is in this article.

Non Chlorine Shock Kills Chloramines

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While chloramines are still disinfectants, they are not nearly as efficient and effective as free, available chlorine. To keep it simple, chloramines cause smelly pool water and can be irritating to the skin and eyes. We want to avoid the formation of chloramines. One way to do this is to super chlorinate your pool with a chlorine shock around 10 times that of the ideal level of chlorine. This should be done once in a while just for good measure, but we need to close the pool down if we are spiking our chlorine up this high. We try to avoid doing this in the summer as we try to avoid keeping our valued customers from being able to use their pool or spa. The other option is to use non chlorine shock which is an oxidizer.

Non chlorine shock will kill and block chloramines from forming without making the pool water aggressive. In affect, we can kill chloramines without closing our customer’s pool down. Can I get an amen!? We are your army fighting contaminants in your swimming pool or spa, so you can safely use them. We want our customers to use and enjoy their pools as much as possible!

Non Chlorine Shock Is Less Aggressive Than Chlorine

Non chlorine shock ultimately oxidizes and kills contaminants in the pool water which will combine with chlorine to form chloramines. By eliminating chloramines, we free up our chlorine and make it more effective for sanitizing. Chlorine is a sanitizer as well as an oxidizer, but if it combines with certain contaminants and forms chloramine, it becomes far less effective. Our goal is to eliminate these contaminants with non chlorine shock, so we keep our chlorine free and available to sanitize. Otherwise these contaminants will combine with chlorine and form into chloramines (combined chlorine). 

We use non chlorine shock to eliminate contaminants which then eliminates irritating chloramines. With non chlorine shock, we gain more free, available (efficient) chlorine to sanitize and kill bacteria and algae without over chlorinating. Non chlorine shock does not kill bacteria or algae like chlorine and algaecides, however. These issues require superchlorintaion and aggressive algae treatments, but we do our best to avoid that if possible. Non chlorine shock is a major weapon that helps prevent these issues from forming.

Hire Licensed, Water Chemistry Certified Experts

Make sure you hire swimming pool service experts who understand and know how to use non chlorine shock. We often hear our customers discuss the compliments they get on their blue, sparkling pools. Eliminating chloramines and maintaining perfect water chemistry are very important, so read some of our other articles to help you enjoy and use your Pool Heaven.

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