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Off Season Pool Service And What You Need To Know

Every season in Orange County offers different challenges to your pool service.  We have mild weather in Orange County which provides extended or even full year swim seasons. There is high use and warm weather in the summer. There are warm days and cold nights in the spring. There are Santa Ana winds in addition to rain storms from fall to summer. There is wind and rain in the winter which can be followed by warm, sunny days very soon after. 

pool serviceWe train our off-season pool service experts to use a triage system for best use of time in the field. There are times in the windy season where pools can get so filled with leaves and debris that some pool cleaners can barely handle the sight. Netting those leaves alone can take significant time and most career pool cleaners have 14 to 18 pools or more to clean in a day.

Our managers not only have to deal with pool cleaning, but they have to manage the phones during these periods. It is absolutely impossible to perfectly clean every swimming pool or spa. What to do? I’m sure you doctors and nurses understand this. We use a triage system at Pool Heaven for the time we have per pool or spa.

Off Season Pool Service Needs Perfect Water Flow

The most important part of any system is the heart and with pools, this is your pool system. We want perfect water flow all the time. This means clean pool surface, baskets, filters, etc. Pool filters need backwashing and regular pool filter cleaning to maintain good pool filter pressure. As soon as the pool filter pressure rises one notch, it’s time to backwash. If the pool filter has had 2 or 3 backwashes, it’s time for a pool filter clean and breakdown. All parts inside need to be inspected for holes, weakness, and tears and replaced if needed.

Get The Big Stuff Out

First things first though. We need to net the pool surface. This can be very challenging. Debris can be big, medium sized, or very fine like dirt and sand, but we need the big stuff on top out. We don’t have all day to spend netting either, so we need to swiftly net all the big stuff especially twigs, branches, leaves, etc. 

off season pool serviceOnce that is done, we need to net all the big stuff off the bottom. You don’t want big debris going through the vacuum, your automatic pool cleaner, or  your pool system.

There is a balancing act to contend with as well as debris on the top will saturate with water and drop to the bottom while leaves and debris at the bottom will float up and move around as you net the bottom. Once we get in our groove, we’re going back and forth from the top to the bottom to let certain areas settle for efficiency. Again, we need to make the best use of time.  Santa Ana winds can especially wreak havoc on the most expert off season pool service companies.

The bulk of our time is spent making the pool or spa presentable by focusing on bigger debris and less on dirt. Occasionally, a pool can be so impacted by leaves and debris, we have to leave a note explaining that we did the best we could and we can charge for an additional off season pool service visit if the customer wants one. We do our best with the time provided. We use our biological clocks to then move on to the pool system, water flow, pool chemicals, and the automatic pool cleaner.

Clean The Baskets And Confirm Pool Filter Clean

Next up is the skimmer basket, automatic pool cleaner basket, and the pool pump basket. Empty out all the baskets and inspect for holes and write down to replace if there are holes, cracks, or weakness. After baskets is pool filter pressure. Backwash if needed and add d.e. if it’s a d.e. filter every time. Schedule a pool filter clean if it’s time. Now that we have perfect water flow, we move on to pool chemicals.

Pool water chemical demand goes up during these periods as the debris and water movement strip more chlorine out than usual. Once we test, balance, and create perfect pool water chemistry, we move on to our best friend with off season pool service (the automatic pool cleaner).

An Automatic Pool Cleaner Does A Pool Well

The automatic pool cleaner is so helpful in the winter as our triage system sets it up to create a perfectly clean swimming pool in the most horrid of weather. With big debris gone, perfect pool water chemistry, and perfect pool water flow, the automatic pool cleaner can vacuum the sides and bottom like a champ! We cannot recommend an automatic pool cleaner enough for those who demand perfection in their pool appearance.

Certain backyards with tress, brush, and debris can really wreak havoc and our off season pool service techs. do their best, but there are times your pool will not look perfect after wind or rain. Again, our triage system is designed for survival in a challenging period. We want perfect water flow, pool water chemistry, and presentable pool water first to avoid damage. We can always dial in your pool appearance to perfection the following week unless of course it rains or wind comes back WHICH HAPPENS!!!  Nothing worse than Santa Ana winds followed by rain.

We Only Check Chemicals During The Rain

pool start upOur policy in the rain is to check chemicals and baskets and get off the road. We value our expert off season pool service techs. enormously and don’t want them outside during these hazardous rains. From traffic accidents to lightning around a pool to rushing to yard and pool flooding to so many hazards, just understand that there is a very logical reason for not performing the full cleaning service during the rain, We check chemicals, clean baskets, make sure everything is o.k., and get out of the rain. Now, if you have very high expectations and want your pool perfect all the time, we can come back as soon as it’s dry to perform your pool cleaning for a very fair service fee. Otherwise, I promise your pool will be fine for a week.

Sometimes when it rains it pours which leads me to Orange County demon weather where we get wind followed by rain followed by perfect, sunny warm weather where people want to use their pool or spa. Yes, there are times when the pool guy just can’t win! I can promise you that we do our best, but we cannot control the wealther! Wind and rain can make your Pool Heaven more like…let’s just say not so much like Heaven

pool repair

If you need help with any pool or spa projects in Orange County, Ca., provide us your information and we will respond with more info. and a free estimate or if we don’t provide the service, we will have the pool professional we use and trust contact you .

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