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Find the Best Orange Swimming Pool Service

orange swimming pool serviceYou want to know that your Orange swimming pool service is legal, insured, experienced, and easy to communicate with. Let me start by saying that a swimming pool service needs to have a Ca. State Contractor’s License to perform swimming pool service repairs over $500 of value including the equipment and/or parts no matter who obtains them. This is important, because most swimming pool service companies perform necessary pool system and equipment repairs/installations for their pool cleaning customers.

Repairs Over $500 Value Require Contractor’s license

We strongly recommend hiring a state licensed Orange swimming pool service. We also strongly recommend that this State Licensed swimming pool service carries workman’s compensation for it’s employees as you could get intermingled with a lawsuit if claims are made against a swimming pool service from a subcontractor who was more like an employee than a subcontractor to the state. You can verify their state license number and workman’s compensation at the California State License Board here.

Verification is a very important step and I know from experience. I once hired a tree cutting business that claimed they were state licensed. They cut through our main water line and did a bad job fixing it. When I checked their state license number, it turned out that it was an elevator service company license number and not the company I hired to cut my trees. Always verify the contractor license number at the C.S.L.B. especially when it is so easy!

Ask for Insurance Certificate

The next step is to ask for an insurance certificate for evidence of adequate liability insurance protection. Every good Orange swimming pool service will have over a million dollars of coverage. Now that we know a candidate is state licensed, insured, and holding workman’s compensation for it’s employees, lets look deeper at their performance and history.

The next step is to shop on Yelp for Orange swimming pool service. Read through the profiles and reviews and see if you find a common theme about the swimming pool service. You want an honest, responsible expert that takes care of it’s customers even when mistakes are made. All swimming pool service companies make mistakes. The difference is that some will make their customers happy by owning and fixing their mistakes.

You should use Yelp for everything you can and get a feel for the customer review structure. Some reviews can be scripted or paid for, but Yelp does a pretty good job of filtering these ones out and it is free. Another tip is to read the reviews in the not recommended area under the recommended reviews. Negative reviews can be swept under the table in this section, but if those negative reviews reflect a company’s performance, you want to read about it.

prevent-pool-algaeLook at the pictures of the company. Do they have pictures? Do they look like professionals? Do they look honest and friendly? I always feel a little more comfortable with a business that puts a face on their advertising and so should you.  Believe me, as a business on Yelp, we care a lot about our feedback from customers and do all we can to please them to avoid negative reviews. Yelp is a great tool for a consumer to have when hiring any pool service in Orange, Ca.

Now that we can see that they are state licensed, insured, legal with workman’s comp., and have good reviews, let’s read about their experience and expertise. Look for a pool service that has been around for 10 years or so. This means they have worked through some shifts in the swimming pool service industry. Equipment and innovation have changed and you want a pool service that has been in business during these changes.

Are They an Expert Swiming Pool Service

dead animal in poolRead through their website/blog to see how expert like they are. Is their online content generic and/or does it sound like a marketing company put it online for them? Do they share good, quality information that is helpful to those who have swimming pools? Do they sound like experts?

Also, look for a pool service in Orange that is a member of IPSSA (Independent Pool and Spa Service Association) or an association like it. This is an industry association that glues together insurance, education, professionalism, and resources which help a swimming pool service grow in expertise and knowledge. Water chemistry certification is a requirement for IPSSA which means your Orange swimming pool service is water chemistry certified and adequately insured if they are in IPSSA.

  1. State Licensed swimming pool service contractor (verify at C.S.L.B.)
  2. Workman’s compensation for employees
  3. Liability insurance
  4. Review through Yelp/website/blog
  5. IPSSA or other industry assoc. and water chemistry cert. and/or C.P.O.

Cheap Orange Swimming Pool Service May be Unhealthy and Costly

Now, we can look at service prices. This should be the last thing you consider when shopping for a pool service in Orange as your family’s health is on the line with your pool service in Orange, Ca. This writer understands that costs of living are high in Orange County, Ca. and many are on a budget, but you should be able to find a reasonably priced professional swimming pool service with these necessities.

Write down or highlight those pool service companies that make the cut on your checklist and make a few phone calls. Ask some questions and get a couple estimates over the phone and see how they communicate and treat customers.

Figure out which swimming pool service in Orange fits your personality best and try them out. Yelp will provide a way to warn others through your review if you are dissatisfied with that swimming pool service. Following these tips should help you hire a professional swimming pool service and keep your pool in Pool Heaven in Orange, Ca.

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