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Pool Heater Troubleshooting In Irvine Takes Time And Experience

Pool heaters are not what they were 20 years ago. Pool heaters used to be pretty simple before automation and digital technology. Pool heater troubleshooting involved gas, a few mechanical switches and sensors, and fire. When the thermostat failed, someone could get scalded as the heater would not stop heating. When the pump stopped circulating water, the copper pipe exchanger in the pool heater would get so hot that water would boil and steam up. This boiling water and steam would melt and cause damage to all pvc parts within the plumbing and equipment. The pool water needed to circulate after the pool heater was on to cool down the inside of the heater. These old heaters also put loads of toxic emissions(pollution) into the environment.

Innovation is fantastic, but it does come at a price. A price consumers have to pay with more necessary repairs, less longevity of parts and equipment, and more expense for the equipment and parts.

Pool Heater Repair Requires Pool Heater Troubleshooting

Today, the modern pool heater has more movable parts including electronic/computer parts in an outdoor setting. The modern pool heater has fans, several sensors, micro chip boards, digital displays, etc. etc. Imagine a laptop computer outside every night. How long do you think it will survive the outdoor elements? Point is we are asking a lot of the modern day pool heater and there is a cost for that. Pool heater troubleshooting is far more challenging today and one pool heater repair can need multiple parts to be replaced.

Pool heater troubleshooting is more important than ever as there could be underlying issues causing problems. We have to charge a fee for this pool heater troubleshooting, because you can’t bring your pool or spa to us. We have to go to the job site, open up the pool heater, inspect and test, and advise a solution to fix. This is not something to rush and/or incompletely plan. We will subtract this pool heater troubleshooting fee from your pool heater repair, so long as you authorize us to do the work.

The other thing to think about is pool heater repair parts can be very expensive. Some of these control boards, gas valves, and fans can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on the make and model of heater and sometimes there are multiple boards. Every heater is different, but we don’t make them and cannot change the expense or complexity of the repair. We just like to set expectations for reality and we never know where a pool heater troubleshooting and repair can lead. There are situations where the customer has to decide whether to spend $800 to fix a heater that may only have 3 to 5 years of life left in it or $3,200.00 to replace it.

Only Way To Benefit From Pool Heater Repair Is To Get Wet

pool heater troubleshootingI have personally replaced over 3 microwaves in 10 years at my own home, so it’s not just with pool and spa equipment. Innovation has it’s costs and benefits and the world will keep innovating if we like it or not. One thing I suggest everyone do is use their pools and spas as much as possible. Believe it or not, owning a pool or spa can save you money  Pools and spas are good for your health, mind, and pocketbook. This author hopes to motivate everyone reading to enjoy and use their Pool Heaven!

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