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4 Common Pool Pump Repair Issues

The pool pump is the heart of the pool system. It pumps water from the pool through the pool equipment and back to the returns in the swimming pool. You can count on some type of pool pump repair every 5 to 10 years. Let’s go over 4 of the most common pool pump repair issues we encounter.

  1. Loud Pool Pump
  2. Pool Pump Leaking
  3. Motor not working
  4. Pump won’t prime

Loud Motor Pool Pump Repair

pool pump repairAlmost always this is the bearings going out in the motor of the pool pump. The motor is the tube shaped dry end of the pool pump and is responsible for turning the impeller. When you hear loud screeching or whining, you most likely have bad bearings in the motor. We will replace your pool pump motor and rebuild your pool pump with a new shaft seal and gaskets when we perform this pool motor replacement.

If your pool pump is not leaking, you don’t have to replace your pool pump motor immediately unless the noise is loud enough to disturb your neighbors or household. Variable speed motors cost more than the single speed, so the cost for this pool pump repair will vary depending on the size and type of motor needed for replacement. Some pool pump models have more issues with pool pump motor replacement as well. Bolt threading, seal plates, and/or pump bodies may not always go back together perfectly and lead to leaks or imperfect operation. Pool pump replacement is always potentially mandatory to avoid leaks or future pool pump issues.

Pool Pump Leaking

Pool pump leaks are pretty obvious underneath the pool pump and any puddles under or around the pool pump are most likely pool pump leaks. These leaks can be from the shaft seal going out. The shaft seal is located in the seal plate and the inside of the impeller. This is a pool pump repair that should be done once noticed, because the leaking pool water can damage other pool pump parts and/or cause pool motor bearings to rust out. If caught quickly, you can just replace the shaft seal and rebuild the pump which is a cheaper pool pump repair compared to the pool pump motor replacement.

The age of the pool motor is important, because the shaft seal pool pump repair is basically the same cost of labor in pool motor replacement. In other words, you risk having to replace the pool pump motor soon after a shaft seal repair if the pool pump motor goes out. Pool motors tend to last around 3 to 5 years before some type of pool pump repair or replacement is needed, so our pool pump repair specialist will consider several things before providing options.

Other leaky pool pump repairs could be housing gaskets, plumbing nipples, drain plugs, and other gaskets. We will fully investigate the leak to confirm the source before considering the best options for that type of pump. Certain pumps and factors may lead to new pump installation being the best option available and that is for all pool pump repair.

Motor Not Working Pool Pump Repair

pool pump repairIf the motor appears dead (silent with no movement), there are several potential causes. Our pool pump repair specialist will check for power going to the pool pump motor. This could be a power issue ranging from the timer to the breaker to the gfi to blocked impeller. Remember, only expert pool repair contractors should be investigating these issues! 

We will investigate power, impeller movement, and other internals to determine the best solution. If we have full power and a free moving impeller, we will most likely conclude the pool pump motor is bad and needs replacement. This pool pump repair would include the shaft seal and gasket pool pump rebuilding if we feel the pool pump body is sound and able to be put back together. Again though, certain pool pumps may have issues going back together due to age and/or compromised parts.

Pool Pump Won’t Prime

Another popular pool pump issue is a pool pump that is running (impeller turning), but not moving water. This is obvious when the pool filter has no pressure, because there is no circulation. This is not good for the pool pump as it will over heat. Causes for this could be low pool water level, air leaks, blocked skimmers or plumbing, bad shaft seals, etc. Our pool repair specialist will have to narrow down the cause and come up with a solution. The first thing we would inspect is the water level and access to water from the skimmer to the pool pump. These repairs can get complicated as suctions issues need to be fully inspected and may include underground plumbing.

The Pool Pump Is The Heart Of The Pool System

pool pump repairWe need the pool pump to pump water through the equipment for good pool water filtering and circulation. This is what keeps the pool water clean and fresh. Every expert pool service will monitor and inspect your pool equipment for good performance. Sound working pool equipment with balanced perfect water chemistry will keep your swimming pool crystal clear and sparkling. Now that we’ve done the work to get your swimming pool or spa sparkling and clear, it’s up to you to save money and enjoy your Pool Heaven!

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