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How to maintain Your Kreepy Krauly Newport Beach Pool Cleaner

It is September and the windy season is approaching. This is a great time to make sure your automatic Newport Beach pool cleaner is working efficiently. This article will cover the Pentair Kreepy Krauly which is a popular Newport Beach pool cleaner.

The common parts that degrade over time are the suction seal, foot pad, bypass valve, and the bumper strap on the back of the pool cleaner. Look at this diagram to see these parts.

Always Turn Your Pool Filter Pump Off Before Taking Your Automatic Pool Cleaner Out of the Swimming Pool!!


Replace Contact Parts 

newport beach pool cleanerYou want to take the automatic pool cleaner out of the swimming pool to inspect these parts. The most important part to inspect is the foot pad on the very bottom of the pool cleaner. If this part wears down to nothing, the foot of the cleaner will erode down and this foot body is very expensive. Always replace the foot pad if you notice it is wearing down and close to exposing the foot body.

The round suction seal is easier to notice wear and tear as you can visibly see the condition in the swimming pool. These parts will generally last a couple of years, but pebble pools will wear down these parts faster, so be aware. It is a good idea to replace both the suction seal and the foot pad at the same time since you have to remove the foot pad to replace the suction seal.

The bumper strap is on the back of the Kreepy Krauly and protects the drive tube from grinding down due to contact with the pool steps and walls.The wing set helps keep the seal seated down on the finish of the pool. Inspect that this wing set is secure and strapped around the main body (foot) of the Newport Beach pool cleaner.

In this picture, you can see from the bottom up. Notice the wearing on the suction seal and the clear foot pad. The ridges on the foot pad should be taller and more pronounced like the picture under this one. You will find a plastic rubber wedge inside the small rectangle slot you see in the center. This wedge is the bypass valve you will read about under the pictures.


Newport Beach pool cleaner
New, good foot pad

Inspect Bypass Valve

You should also inspect the bypass valve inside the main body (foot). This part is not in the diagram, but it is the part that moves back and forth for locomotion. You can reach your finger in the main body and flick it back and forth to confirm it is working well.

Every 2 to 4 years it is a good idea to replace all of these parts as they are all main contact points and wear down. They protect the main expensive parts and keep your automatic pool cleaner performing at it’s best.

  • Suction seal
  • Foot pad
  • Wing set
  • Bypass assembly
  • Bumper strap

Over time (4 to 10 years), other parts will wear and tear as well, but they will last longer if you replace these contact points before they allow contact to main parts.

The main expensive parts are the main body (foot) and head assembly, but you can expect wear and tear on all the parts over time. You always want to make sure that your skimmer and pump baskets are emptied and clean for good suction. A clean filter and empty baskets give your automatic pool cleaner the suction it needs to move around and vacuum efficiently.

Newport Beach Pool Cleaner not Working?

Here is a good checklist when you notice your automatic pool cleaner is not moving well:

  • Check your filter pressure (may need backwashing or tear down and clean)
  • empty your baskets
  • Inspect for blockages at the hole of the foot of cleaner and the head assembly
  • Inspect automatic pool cleaner parts
  • Check for holes in hoses and connections to cleaner, regulator, and skimmer

During the windy season, you can expect some blockage in your Newport Beach pool cleaner, so don’t leave small pool toys on the bottom of the pool. Netting your pool right after big winds will help fight this problem. Avoid big piles of leaves and debris from collecting on the bottom of your pool.

newport beach pool cleanerThe Pentair Kreepy Krauly is a great pool cleaner, but read our Best Cleaner Blog to see which automatic pool cleaner is best for your swimming pool. Now, follow these tips to keep your Newport Beach pool cleaner working well, so you can enjoy your backyard. Your maintained automatic pool cleaner will keep your swimming pool in Pool Heaven!

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