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6 Pool Safety Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

6 Pool Safety Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

Whether your swimming in a hotel pool on vacation or in your pool at home, drowning is a serious hazard that you need to be aware of. Drowning can happen in seconds and will happen without a sound. No one is immune and emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Some basic pool safety is a must!

It is important to have and know proper life-saving skills and to brush up on them every year.  This article will show you 6 tips to help keep you and your family safe during your swim time. 

  1. Know how to swim well 
  2. Learn and Know CPR 
  3. Know the Heimlich Maneuver and Basic First Aid
  4. Keep Flotation Devices and Other Pool Safety Devices Near The Pool
  5. A Swim Monitor is A Pool Safety Must
  6. Use Either A Pool Safety Cover or A Pool Safety Fence

Knowing How To Swim Is Rule #1

pool safetyThe most important thing to keep you and your family safe while enjoying a day at the pool is knowing how to swim well. Whether you are lounging out or swimming in your pool, you need to know how to swim. Taking part in local swimming classes with trained professionals is a great  way to become a great swimmer. Your local Y.M.C.A. or community college are great places to check out if you’re a first time swimmer.

Learn And Know CPR

Knowing how to swim is a great start, but do you know what to do if someone has a drowning incident once out of the water? If the person has swallowed lots of water, is not conscious, or not breathing, CPR might be the next step. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and is an emergency procedure that combines chest compression with artificial ventilation in an effort to restart heart function, blood circulation, and breathing during an emergency. Knowing CPR can literally save a life one day. Being CPR certified is a great start, but keeping up-to-date and practicing those life-saving skills is just as important as they can be forgotten without brushing up on every now and then.

Knowing The Heimlich Maneuver And Basic First Aid Pool Safety

pool safetyCPR is great to know for a catastrophic disaster, but the need for basic first aid is more likely going to be called for. Cuts and scrapes and choking are common hazards around the pool. Choking on food while enjoying some summer time fun is a very real danger that can be just as deadly if you don’t know how to deal with the situation.

Learning the proper way to administer the Heimlich Maneuver is an effective way to dislodge food stuck in someone’s airway. Breathing obstructions can be fatal if not treated properly. Most places that teach CPR will also teach you the Heimlich Maneuver as they go hand in hand. Learning basic first aid to treat minor cuts and scrapes is a good idea as well.

Pool Safety Flotation Devices And A Life Hook Could Save Lives

The time may arise when someone is in need of help, but you or those around you aren’t strong swimmers or your safety may become compromised due to the victim’s size. Flotation devices and life hooks will help guide the victim to safety. Quick response with a proper flotation ring will help someone struggling to stay a float especially if the struggling victim is bigger than the responder. Purchasing a flotation ring with a strong rope line and keeping it next to your pool is always a smart idea. Also, having a pool life hook near your pool is smart to help keep your guests safe while swimming.

Always Have A Swim Monitor Or Swim Buddy

pool safetySwimming alone can be a dangerous activity even for the most experienced of swimmers. This is why you should always swim with someone if possible. Emergencies, accidents, heart attacks and even cramps all pose threats to a swimmer who is swimming alone. Having an extra set of eyes in case of these instances is always a good idea.

If you are responsible for watching kids in the pool, keep your eyes on the water. Children drown silently and there will not be a warning. Watch for lack of movement, panic stroking, and especially watch activity near pool toys. Kids can get stuck under big pool toys and they may need help to move to safety. Be alert and we recommend using the Water Watcher Tag designed by The Jasper Ray Foundation. This tag illustrates the seriousness of the job and should not be taken lightly. Please read our article “Child Drowning Prevention” to learn more about good pool monitoring and The Jasper Ray Foundation. Jasper Ray is the cute little boy featured at the top whose memory will save lives and never be forgotten!

Use A Pool Safety Cover Or Pool Safety Fence

I cannot stress the importance of keeping children away from your pool or spa enough. Even if you don’t have children, you still have guests and other family that might. Neighbor kids can sneak in your backyard and curious children guests can easily gain access to your pool or spa. It just takes one second to answer the door or the phone for you to lose sight of a child.

Read our article on pool safety fences and safety pool nets. It is a good idea to have one or the other, but every yard is different, so read this article to see which one is the better fit for your yard.

Enjoying your pool or spa with friends and family is a great way to save money and relieve stress. These simple tips will help you stay safe and enjoy your Pool Heaven!

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