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Pool Party Safety Tips in Newport Beach Ca.

Pool Party Safety Tips in Newport Beach Ca.

We want every pool and spa owner to use and enjoy their amenity as much as possible. Let’s just discuss some tips to encourage pool safety and child drowning prevention. You should maintain layers of pool party safety at your pool parties, bbq’s, and backyard entertaining. Encourage all of your guests to watch their children. Many may not have pools at home and may not understand the hidden dangers of a pool or spa.

jasper ray foundationWe have learned a lot from the Jasper Ray Foundation and are encouraging others to research and stay informed. If children visit your home, the best first line of pool party safety is a pool safety fence. These are great, because they stay latched and closed while guests move in and out of the pool if the gate has a spring and is self latching. It is a good idea to tug on the gate every time to ensure latching though. Understand that this is just the first line of defense as children can still maneuver these gates or climb over which is why the most important layer of protection is full court monitoring of all the children at your backyard event with the help of all of your guests.

Watcher Tags Promote Pool Party Safety!

Another great idea from The Jasper Ray Foundation is the use of a lifeguard watcher tag. This is a neck strap with job responsibilities for the pool watcher. This watcher tag places seriousness to the position. I have personally used this watcher tag and it usually starts with the host where he or she will look for other adults or competent older teenagers to take a shift. Again, this neck tag places responsibility on the lifeguard to watch the kids and the pool constantly. Let me just say that it is very effective! The adults with younger children who can’t swim are usually watching the pool intensely which helps with the layers of protection as well. It is very easy for a young child to make a run for the pool when given a chance and this is why layers of pool party safety is important.

Another great idea is to learn cpr and know among your guests who knows cpr. Be ready in case there is a dangerous situation. You never know where this knowledge can save lives!

pool party safetyLet us also suggest to move big items to the deep end of the pool or remove completely as inexperienced swimmers can get caught underneath these items and struggle to get air. You also want to make sure kids are not getting too aggressive as some are better swimmers than others. Ban diving anywhere near the shallow end of the pool as this can lead to death or paralyzation. Inspect and monitor the use of diving boards and slides as they are common sources of accidents.

Another issue is glass near the pool. Pour your drinks in plastic cups and keep bottles away from the pool or spa. Seems obvious, but people do get relaxed and don’t think about these things.

Pool Water Safety Starts With Pool Water Chemistry

Other issues can be pool water chemistry and potty breaks. One loose stool event can stop the whole party. Use swim diapers and swim diaper covers to keep stool from entering the pool if infants are swimming. In the event of loose stool, close the pool down as there can be bad infectious germs in the pool after. Here is the O.C. bulletin on how to handle fecal issues in swimming pools.

Regarding pool water chemistry, it is always a good idea to warn your pool service that you are having a party, so they know to add a spike of chlorine and non-chlorine shock for proper preparation. Pool party safety is totally reliant on proper pool water chemistry.



Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

pool party safetyDon’t forget about proper pool party planning as well. Make sure that your pool heater and other pool equipment are working well weeks before the event in case you need a repair. Sometimes these repairs take time to fix. You don’t want to call your pool service the day or two before your party as most successful pool service contractors are booked for a week or two in advance for repairs and installations. We recommend heating your pool or spa to the desired temperature a day or two before for proper confirmation of working pool equipment.

Having a pool party can be a lot of work, but they are so fun and entertaining for everyone. Take advantage of your amenity and enjoy your pool as much as possible. Just be aware and cautious, so your pool party is a hit with pool party safety in mind. May I suggest to print this article and read before every backyard event. Many of these ideas take minutes to accomplish and very well could save lives.

pool repair

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