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Save Money and Enjoy Your Swimming Pool More in Huntington Beach, Ca.

efficient swimming poolBelieve it or not, swimming pools can save you money! You would be amazed how much money you spend on going out to dinner, travelling, and driving and insuring expensive cars. Understand that the more you stay home and enjoy your own efficient swimming pool, the more money and time you save not going out and spending money!

We are going to offer several tips and ideas to help you not only enjoy your swimming pool, but to also help you save money, because you are enjoying your own efficient swimming pool! Using your swimming pool also enhances a healthier lifestyle. Lets start with some ideas to help create your own, inviting Pool Heaven.

Make Your Efficient Swimming Pool and Backyard Inviting!

Decorate and landscape your yard to make your swimming pool come alive. Add some color with plants and cushions or use some newer beach towels. Try and use stuff you already own. Look at some pictures of whatever style you like and copy them. Make it a project that you add to over time, so you can find used items or items on sale at stores in the off season. The more inviting your pool is, the more time you will spend in it.

Music and Magazine Enhancement

Keep and add reading material such as books and magazines to easily take in and out of your backyard. Find some shade to research and explore your home’s Wi-Fi internet outside. You can learn an enormous amount of information by the pool and relax at the same time. Take a notebook and a highlighter with you if you are a note taker. In this case, you can have it all!

Add some music with your cell phone or  stereo. You can Utilize Pandora or Amazon Music and listen to  music for free with your home Wi-Fi. There are inexpensive bluetooth  speakers (the size of baseballs or bigger) that you could take wherever you go. You can even choose the exact band and songs you want to hear for free!

Relax in your Efficient Swimming Pool

efficient swimming poolRelax in your floating lounges or chairs to get some needed sleep and relaxation while you work on your summer tan. Make some tea, cucumber water, or cocktails to keep you cool while you refresh your mind. Close yourself off from interruption by keeping your phone mute or very low. Sometimes we need some alone time or relaxation time without interruption. We all work hard and deserve it!

It is a good idea to know what day your pool service and landscapers come, so you do not get unexpected surprises. During the busy season, it is not uncommon for them to come the day after as well, but you can put a clip or lock on the latch, so they will have to reach over and open if you are concerned. Just leave them a note to knock as well. Don’t be shy about this, because you need to enjoy your Pool Heaven!

Swimming Related Exercises are Easy on Your Joints and Great for Your Body!

Buy some inexpensive water exercise equipment and a movable exercise bike. You can find portable exercise bikes for under $200 at folding bike. You can also do several different exercises with a floating belt. There are several exercises you can do in your efficient swimming pool from swimming laps to running in place to floating weights, etc. etc.

Swimming exercises are much easier on your joints as you do not get all the impact like you do with grass or concrete. People pay a lot of money for access to a swimming pool for exercise. You should be taking full advantage of owning one!

An Efficient Swimming Pool Can Save You Time and Money When You Entertain at Home!

Subscribe to our Pool Heaven Newsletter and learn easy recipes online to make delicious and healthy meals for your family and others. Read our blog about using your gas grill to smoke barbecue for fantastic bbq. You really can feel like your on vacation with restaurant like meals and an efficient swimming pool!

Entertain your friends and family with bbq’s, specialty drinks, and fun in the sun! Being around other people and enjoying life is healthy and an efficient swimming pool incentivizes you to stay home and entertain. I can honestly say that in the summer, I hate leaving my house and pool. Nothing bothers me more then driving in traffic and waiting in line knowing that I have designed a comfortable environment at my own home. Design your sanctuary and enjoy every minute you can in it!

Get Those Kids in the Pool

child drowningEncourage your children to swim and enjoy your efficient swimming pool. It is great exercise for them and gets them out of the house. Buy cheap pool toys that keep them entertained like Little balls, floating novelties, floating noodles, rings, etc. etc. Make it inviting for them with music and make it a habit.

Millions of people travel and search for hotels and resorts that have swimming pools. They spend small fortunes on travelling, eating out, and drving to enjoy what you already have in your backyard. You would be amazed at the amount of money spent on drinks alone by the pool at many resorts. You can make your food and drinks cheaper and not have to share the pool with other people to boot.

Now that you are full of ideas to create and enjoy your swimming pool, all you need is to make sure your swimming pool is sparkling and clean. Hire a water chemistry certified pool service contractor or become an expert in maintaining your own pool, so your pool is ready when you are to entertain or use it. We hope this article inspires you to enjoy your efficient swimming pool every minute you can, so what are you waiting for?

If you need help with any pool or spa projects in Orange County, Ca., provide us your information and we will respond with more info. and a free estimate or if we don’t provide the service, we will have the pool professional we use and trust contact you .

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