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How does Pool Equipment Work in Costa Mesa, Ca.

Have you ever wondered why your swimming pool water is sparkling and clear? Well, you can thank your pool equipment and chlorine for that. Sparkling clear, blue swimming pool water indicates sanitized, filtered pool water. Think twice before jumping into cloudy pool water as this is a sign of lack of sanitizer and/or bad pool equipment. You can catch an infection or suffer from skin/eye irritation from contact with unsafe swimming pool water. Always keep your swimming pool water sanitized and your pool equipment maintained properly. 

Pool Pump Moves Water Through the Pool Equipment

pool equipment Pool equipment is composed of 3 major components: Pool pump, pool filter, and the pool heater. The process is very simple. The pool pump  will suck pool water from the pool skimmer/drains and then pump that pool water through the pool filter. Filtered pool water will then pass through the heater and back to the swimming pool.

The pump motor spins the impeller that moves the water in the pump. This turning creates suction from the pool and return flow out of the pump. The pool pump basket catches small to bigger debris sucked through the skimmer basket. This keeps debris from blocking the impeller.

The pool filter traps small and micro particles in that pool water. Then the filtered pool water passes through the heater. The heater will then heat the water on it’s way back to the swimming pool. This is how swimming pool water circulates and heats.

Pool Filter Filters Pool Water

The pool filter filters very fine, micro particles and traps them in the pool filter. There are 3 different pool filter types in the Orange County area and you can read about them in our best pool filter blog.

After the pool filter, the pool water flows through the pool heater which heats the water before it flows back into the swimming pool. The pool heater heats the pool water with gas-fire heated air inside the heater. Natural gas is most popular in Orange County, Ca. The pool water will pass though copper or cupro-nickel pipes over this fire heated chamber. There are many safety switches and regulators inside the pool heater to make this process safe.

Filtered Water Heats Up in the Pool Heater

pool equipmentThe pool heater will continue to fire up and heat the swimming pool water until the desired temperature is recognized by the pool heater. As long as the pool pump timer is on, the pool heater will continue to heat the water to that set temperature. You should know that once you turn the heater on and set the temperature, it will heat to that temperature and stop the whole time your pool pump is on. Be sure and turn it off if you have no plans on using the swimming pool. You do not want to get a big, fat gas bill.

The pool equipment pumps swimming pool water, filters it, and then heats it. Read our blog about which heater we like best. Thanks to your swimming pool equipment, you can count on warm, clear pool water and all you need after that is a professional pool cleaning service to treat and maintain your pool water.  Now, Get your swimsuit on and enjoy your Pool Heaven!

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