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Don’t Let This Happen To You! Pool Maintenance Professionals In Orange County, Ca. Are Valuable

Do it yourself pool maintenance can be costly. You might be surprised to hear that you can end up paying more money to fix problems that snowball with your pool or spa and still end up with a green pond in your backyard. One of our customers wanted to share their story with us in the form of a letter, so we are going to share it as maybe it will help others avoid this pain.

Value Of Professional Pool Maintenance Letter Written By Customer: “Don’t Let This Happen To You!”

The arrangement I have with my professional pool maintenance company is they do the chemicals and I do the pool cleaning.  I do this to save $40.00 a month.
One beautiful Saturday morning I decided it was time to vacuum the pool as it had been a few weeks.
The first thing I noticed was that the staining of the plaster was getting bad and I knew I would need a pool remodel soon even though the pool was only 5-6 years old. I am realizing that the dirt will stain the pool plaster if I don’t vacuum regularly and sometimes I let it go more than I should.
As I vacuumed, I was thinking about the thousands of dollars this was going to cost me.  I thought if I had just brushed  and vacuumed more often I could have avoided these stains.  Should I tell my pool company that I need the “full service pool maintenance” and cough up the extra $40.00 a month?  Maybe?
Then all of a sudden, the pole broke and I could no longer extend it to the full 20 feet.  Have you ever tried to vacuum a pool with a 6 foot pole?  Its not pleasant.  In fact, its impossible.  I did my best, but realized, here’s aonther $40.00 expense I will have to endure and who knows what else will be added to the list once I take inventory of my pool tools.
pool maintenanceAfter vacuuming as well as I could, I was putting the vacuum equipment away and thought I would check the pool equipment and empty the basket that collected leaves next to the pump and run the heater.  Neither had been done in a long time.  I emptied the basket and got the lid back on, but now the water was not filling it up like before. Instead, the water was violent with bubbles and the pressure was so intense that I was a little afraid it might explode and I was afraid to get near it! I found out later that the pool pump was not prime, because the lid was not sealed tight enough. I also found out that this could have led to expensive repairs had I let it run and heat up.
In the meantime, I noticed that the heater seemed to be working, but there was a yellow light on that said ‘stand by’ that I had never seen before.  Ugggg!  Two more new problems.  I let everything run to see if the equipment just needed to cycle through.  When I went out to the pool there were bubbles coming out of four jets.  Two in the pool and two in the spa.  After a few minutes, it did not get better and perhaps was worse.
I turned everything off and found that an eyeball and fitting in the spa had blew off as well!  Now I have five new problems. At this point, I emailed Pool Heaven and reported all the problems.
What a mess!  Everything was fine before I decided to “vacuum the pool”. Now I have a broken pole, broken heater, air in the plumbing, loose eyeball and jet parts from the spa, and stained plaster all from my own hand….definitely not worth the savings of $40.00 a month. To top it off, this ordeal and my normal servicing time took considerable time away which I could have used relaxing by my sparkling pool instead of stressing and working on it!
What I realized after talking to my trusty Pool Heaven pool maintenance company was that there is far more value to their pool service than just pool water chemistry and balancing. They informed me about  several ways that a swimming pool or spa can snowball into expensive/harmful issues.

Pool Maintenance Can Be Complex, Challenging, And Problematic

pool maintenanceWe feel for our valued customer that wrote this letter for our article and one thing I ask myself from time to time is “What is my time worth?’. Most people I know work hard to live in Orange County, Ca. The last thing we need is more work on the weekend that can lead to an unsafe and ugly backyard. Do yourself a favor and figure out what your time is worth to see if you are really saving enough for what you are getting by doing your own pool maintenance? If you need help with your pool maintenance, call us and get a free pool maintenance estimate, so you can save money and enjoy your Pool Heaven!

pool repair

If you need help with any pool or spa projects in Orange County, Ca., provide us your information especially the city and the service you are researching. We will respond with more info. and a free estimate or if we don’t provide the service, we will have the pool professional we use and trust contact you.

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