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Easiest Way To Smoke Barbecue in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Every Pool Heaven needs to have delicious smoke barbecue! This can be easier than you think even with a gas grill. First, go buy some hickory oak chips,  oak wood chips , or other hard wood chips at your local Ace Hardware, Costco, or Walmart. They are common and pretty easy to find, but you need to figure out which wood suits your tastes. My original favorite was oak, but I also like hickory and some smoke barbecue experts like a mix.

smoke barbecueStart by soaking about 2 cups of wood chips  in a pot of water for about 10 – 15 min. Drain the water out by dumping the wood chips in a colander.

smoke barbecuePlace the wood chips in a piece of aluminum foil about 15 inches long.

smoke barbecueRoll up the foil like a burrito and poke about 5 holes on the top with a knife. Your wood chip package is now ready to place in your barbecue.

Take the top grate of your barbecue off and place this package with knife holes on top  over the front burner section of your barbecue. The flames in your barbecue will heat up this foil package and create a smoke barbecue.

Fill up a metal, bbq ready tray with an inch or two of water and place over the front burner to keep your meat from drying out. If you have burners that go front to back, you would place the wood chip package and water tray on the front burner to the left or right side and your meat on the opposite side. If your burners are left to right, put the wood chip package on the burner with heat. You want direct heat on the wood chip package and water tray not the meat. Remember, Slow and low!

All you have to do now is fire up the front burner on high for about 10 minutes. You will smell the smoke barbecue once the wood package starts smoking.

Lower the Heat After About 10 Minutes, Because the Cardinal Rule of Smoke Barbecue is Slow and Low!

Now just add meat on the top rack and back of grill for indirect heating and close the grill top. You now have a smoke barbecue without a smoker my friends! Keep the burner under your foil package  around medium to low and make sure back burners are off, so you keep the temperature down. Most smoke barbecue recipes call for 270 – 300 degrees.

Find some smoke barbecue recipes online and start experimenting. Research what wood works best for which meats. Remember this is a journey not a marathon and try not to open up the grill often as you will lose smoke. You are learning a craft that can enhance your Pool Heaven!

Let Smoke Barbecue Rest Before Cutting!

pool cleaningYou will be amazed at how delicious your bbq ribs and pork chops will be now! We will have some delicious smoke barbecue  recipes for you in the future. Smoke barbecue will enhance your swimming pool experience and click here to learn more ways to enjoy your swimming pool!

Smoke barbecue over indirect heat always takes longer and you need to make time to do it right, but knowing how to make delicious smoke barbecue at home is just one more part of turning your backyard into your own Pool Heaven in Huntington Beach, Ca.!

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