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Refresh your Yard with Some Newport Beach Spring Cleaning

It’s the beginning of March and the weather is signaling warm weather is not far away. It’s time to inspect and prepare for some outdoor Newport Beach spring cleaning. The first step to building your inviting pool yard is excellent Newport Beach pool service and then you need to cultivate your pool yard for entertainment and fun!

Check your landscaping and Trees

This is important as we just went through a season of rain and wind which creates turbulence for trees and landscaping. It is probably time to trim your trees and bigger shrubs. Also, check your tree roots and foundation as this is the time of year when trees fall over, branches break, and damage ensues from unexpected tree movement or dislocation.

Clear Out and Remove Clutter

newport beach spring cleaningItems tend to build up and/or clutter in your pool yard during the winter. Remove old/decayed items no longer of use. We want a nice, clean inviting pool yard to relax and entertain in, so give yourself a blank slate to work with.

Pressure Wash/Hose Spray and Clean Furniture/fixed items

Clean up all of your surrounding furniture and items for a thorough Newport Beach spring cleaning. Get outside, play some music, and prepare your blank slate to add color and life to.

Move and Place your Furniture and Appliances 

Place your outdoor furniture with comfortable socializing and space in mind. Maintain long, comfortable walkways with hubs of chairs, tables, and lounges for interaction. You want to feel drawn to sit in these hubs and open to walk around your pool yard as well.

Retrieve your Pool Cushions and Accessories or Add New Ones

Once your pool yard is set up for entertaining and relaxation, it is time to decorate your patio. Every year you should take a little trip to Big Lots, Walmart, or any other retail store that sells accessories and furniture for backyards. You can cheaply add color, texture, and life to your Newport Beach pool yard with towels, candles, cushions, covers, etc.

If your furniture is a little patchy, find a theme to tie it all together. Try to add the same pattern or color on one or two things in each patch of furniture. You can use the same colors with candles, towels, cushions, etc. Your pool yard should flow nicely to invite everyone into it. Remember that you can have your pool and use it too. Enjoy relaxing outside in your pool yard as well as swimming in your pool for maximum entertainment value of your pool yard.

Top Off Newport Beach Spring Cleaning with Potted Plants and Flowers

newport beach spring cleaningThe best color comes naturally. Potted flower plants or landscaped flowers add vibrance and life to your pool yard, so go shopping at Home Depot or any garden supply. These pots can be placed anywhere and the pots can add a little color as well.

My favorite flowering plants are geraniums, because I am not good at flower maintenance. These geraniums can take a little abuse. You want your pool yard to make you smile when you open your back door and step into it.

Most of all, you want a Newport Beach pool yard that is inviting to look at and swim in. By starting early and planning, you can design your refreshed Pool Heaven for maximum enjoyment.

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