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DIY Pool Clean Maintenance Can Be Costly

I can’t tell you how many backyard ponds we have came across filled with various store bought chemicals and unnecessary products. We can just feel the pain and financial loss of DIY pool clean maintenance. DIY is Do It Yourself and I can try Do It Yourself Truck Maintenance and fix my own truck, but why would I when I have a professional mechanic with experience and tools that can do it for a fair price!?

Sure, some people are capable of the DIY pool clean and have the time, but a little math should make many people consider how valuable their time is. This is without mentioning if they are pool service experts. I get the phone call from friends and family every so often where someone wants to learn some DIY pool clean instructions. I usually say you’re better off trying our every other week pool service and assisting the week we are not there to see if it’s even worth considering. What takes us 20 minutes and $5.00 in chemicals, may take you an hour and cost you $20 in products every week.

Pool Water Chemistry And DIY Pool Clean

diy pool cleanFirst of all, there is a lot more to pool water chemistry than adding chlorine. You need ideal chlorine, pool conditioner, pH, and carbonate alkalinity all the time. Every chemical you add needs to be balanced and then you need to store all those chemicals and products somewhere. Don’t let them leak out, because they may stain your pool deck as well!

Pool chemicals also lose concentration over time, so don’t hold too much inventory. This means more trips to the pool supply store. Imagine the time going to and from the pool store, adding the chemicals, cleaning the pool or spa, and maintaining the pool equipment. Let’s not forget how good the salesmen are at your local pool store either. They want to make sure you buy every product, chemical, and tool you may need. $40 here and $40 there adds up pretty quick on top of the time shopping and driving.

Then you have to know what you’re doing with all those chemicals and products. Don’t add too much or too little! Balance everything out and then brush, net, clean, and empty out nets and baskets. If you are an expert and do everything perfect, you might save $30 a month on the labor for 2 to 4 hours of your time, but miss one thing and you may be spending more time working on your green pond than relaxing in your own Pool Heaven! It’s one thing to work hard and save a little money for a perfect, sparkling swimming pool or spa, but to spend that time and money only to stare at a dirty, uninviting pool and a wife’s face with glaring dissatisfaction is a shame! 

Low or No Chlorine With Cloudy Pool Water And Algae

off season pool serviceWe see it every month. The do it yourself pool clean of shame. We see it so much that we feel like pool detectives. Pool conditioner got too low and the pool would not hold chlorine. Homeowner started adding loads of chlorine and other expensive products, but the pool would still not hold enough chlorine. Spots of green algae started spreading throughout the pool. Homeowner makes repeated trips to the pool store buying various products designed to kill algae. The pool filter then gets blocked up from all the microorganisms and particulates in the pool water that grow when chlorine levels are too low.

To top this off, there are wonky pool products that will make pool conditioner inactive thereby reducing the ability of chlorine to stay in the pool water. You very well may be purchasing and adding products that make it very expensive and/or impossible to hold enough chlorine in your pool to kill algae. Once algae is in your pool, you need very high levels of chlorine and a high quality algae preventative like we use that the do it yourself pool clean homeowner can’t get.

Low chlorine will lead to many other issues such as poor water flow and eventually pool filter grids will tear or crack. Dirt and debris then return back to the swimming pool and make the pool water cloudy and dirty. Homeowner then adds several other expensive pool products only to find out that their pool filter is compromised internally and needs new parts. $300 later after their pool filter clean and parts replacement, they have to call a professional pool service and repair contractor like Pool Heaven to fix their pool water chemistry and pool equipment. 

We then warn new customers like this that once we fix their pool water, pool filter, and everything else that broke down, someone has to add chemicals and balance their pool water chemistry the following week or this situation starts all over. It’s called the snowball effect as one thing snowballs into many, many expensive issues.

Sound Pool Equipment Necessary For DIY Pool Clean

diy pool cleanYou also need a maintained pool system with a clean filter, baskets, and no leaks. Regular backwashing and pool pump inspections are routine. Never forget to add your diatamaceous earth and try to keep your pool water chemistry perfect, so you’re not running your pool system 10 hours a day. The beauty of hiring an expert like Pool Heaven is we use the best pool chemicals and products which help us minimally run your filter pump compared to other pool service companies and DIY pool clean homeowners. 

diy pool cleanYou work hard all week and deserve to relax in a beautiful, sparkling pool like this Pool Heaven Customer enjoys every week! This is why I DON’T FIX MY OWN TRUCK! I AM NOT A TRAINED MECHANIC AND I WORK FOR A LIVING IN A GREAT COUNTRY FILLED WITH WORKING PROFESSIONALS THAT ARE! Kind of joking here, but this is common and many times the DIY pool clean homeowner would have been better served to start with the pool professional from the get go.

Don’t just get any pool service either. We have taken many a green pond from so called pool professionals as well, so hire an expert pool service  and understand that the biggest secret to expert pool service is repeating it every week! 

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If you need help with any pool or spa projects in Orange County, Ca., provide us your information and we will respond with more info. and a free estimate or if we don’t provide the service, we will have the pool professional we use and trust contact you .

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