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Deck O Seal Saves Pool Tile And Structure

We’ve all seen it. That space between the pool coping and hard pool deck is there for good reason. This space is called an expansion joint and is necessary to separate the pool from the pool deck. The pool deck will expand on warm days and can cause damage to the pool especially pool tile. This expansion joint needs to stay clean and dry. Rain and debris can seep into this joint unless we fill it with a resilient sealant like Deck O Seal.

Deck O Seal Fills In The Expansion Joint

Here is where Deck O Seal comes in. Deck O Seal is a firm, flexible joint sealant used for caulking this expansion joint. Deck O Seal is weather tight and ideal for pool expansion joints. It provides flexibility and seals the joint to keep water and dirt out of the expansion joint. Water and debris can cause several problems in this expansion joint which can lead to damage to the tile and to the pool, so it is wise to seal this expansion joint with high quality Deck O Seal.

Deck O Seal Over time, Deck O Seal will crack and separate from the pool coping and pool deck. This means it is time to cut out and clean for new application of Deck O Seal. Our pool repair technician will cut out the old Deck O Seal and prepare the expansion joint for filling in with new Deck O Seal. This is not an easy job and only State Licensed Pool Service Contractors should perform this job. Deck O Seal is almost like tar. It is sticky and challenging to work with. This job can get very messy!

Only Pool Service Contractors Should Apply Deck O Seal

Deck O Seal

Once prepped and ready, we apply the pool Deck O Seal into the expansion joint. Slow and steady, the product will self level, so long as you have good support under the Deck O Seal. We always make sure and mix this product thoroughly just like the directions say. There is no harder mess to clean up than sticky deck o seal that did not set and harden up.

Deck O Seal

Once filled in and leveled with professional care, we sprinkle some sand on top for aesthetics and verify there are no holes or voids in the Deck O Seal. You can expect a good 5 to 10 years before this Deck O Seal will crack or weather and need replacement. Deck O Seal jobs time well with acid washes and pool drain and refill jobs. Every 5 to 10 years, pool water should be replaced or recycled and new Deck O Seal should be installed for another 5 to 10 years of use.

Perfect pool water and regular pool repair maintenance will keep your pool or spa in Pool Heaven. Now that your pool is sparkling, clear, and prepped for longevity, it is time to get in and enjoy your Pool Heaven!

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