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4 Best Tips To Prevent Pool Algae In Santa Ana, Ca.

At Pool Heaven, we focus on perfect pool water chemistry all the time, yet this alone may not prevent pool algae. Pool algae loves warm, shady water with little to no chlorine, but it can still grow with perfect water chemistry. We have 4 tips we focus on to prevent pool algae.

  1. High Ideal Chlorine All The Time
  2. Ideal Conditioner
  3. Avoid Wonky Products
  4. Brush And Annihilate Immediately

prevent pool algaeFirst off, we want perfect pool water chemistry all the time and we aim for high ideal chlorine. We aim to hold and measure 3.0 to 4.0 ppm of chlorine all the time.  Some people maybe sensitive to chlorine, but as an expert pool service provider, we are far more concerned about bacteria and other germs in pool water. High ideal chlorine will help keep pool water sanitized and disinfected.

High ideal chlorine will help prevent pool algae in combination with sound working pool equipment. We want the chlorine to sanitize and disinfect and the pool filter to catch and hold all the debris and dead microorganisms in the pool water. Regular backwashing and annual filter cleanings will help keep your swimming pool filter working well!

Ideal Pool Conditioner Will Help Prevent Pool Algae

prevent pool algaeWe need 50 ppm to 80 ppm of pool conditioner in our pool water to hold high ideal levels of chlorine in the pool water. Having enough pool conditioner is important, but we also don’t want too much pool conditioner.

Too much pool conditioner can limit the efficiency of your chlorine in the pool water. More than 100 ppm of conditioner will have some negative affects on your alkalinity and the efficiency of your chlorine in the pool water. We want our high ideal chlorine level to be as efficient as possible which is why we try to limit overconditioning our swimming pools by using liquid chlorine when possible instead of tablet chlorine.

Avoid Wonky Pool Products

It never fails! They have different names and properties, but the wonky pool products I am referring to always make it hard to hold chlorine in the pool water. One way to tell if pool water has a wonky pool product is if there are low chlorine levels after adding a lot of chlorine to the pool. 

prevent pool algaeWhen we first start service on a pool with yellow pool algae or cloudy pool water, we check the chlorine level first and then we test the pool conditioner level. If there is no pool conditioner, we know that was the probably the reason for low to zero chlorine levels. If the conditioner level is ideal at 50 ppm to 80 ppm, we are immediately suspicious of wonky pool products. 

The common symptoms are inability to hold high ideal levels of chlorine which leads to the blooming pool algae, high pool filter pressure, very poor circulation, and cloudy pool water. We will usually test pools with these symptoms quickly by adding very high amounts of chlorine to confirm ability to hold chlorine with ideal pool conditioner levels. 

Always Brush And Super Chlorinate To Prevent Pool Algae

prevent pool algaeThe first thing we do when we observe yellow pool algae is to brush it. Next we need to annihilate pool algae. You cannot just prevent it once it is blooming. You need to superchlorinate and kill every spore. We use a commercial algaecide that only pool professionals can buy that we use with superchlorination to annihilate pool algae.

Our special algaecide is not wonky and does not contain any bad byproducts like metal. We have 20 plus years of experience and have gone through several products and finally found our secret weapon. Still, the best weapon we use to prevent pool algae is using these tips. We try to prevent the bloom and snowball effect of low chlorine which are harder to stop.

prevent pool algaeOur goal at Pool Heaven is to provide sparkling blue, clear, and clean pool water for all of our customers. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so we must always be prepared to fight pool algae and all other potential infections that can create the snowball effect. We will continue the good fight, so you can save money and enjoy your Pool Heaven!

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