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Why Do We Get Hard Pool Water in Irvine, Ca.

Hard pool water is....well, HARD to avoid. Tap water has several minerals in it including calcium and magnesium. As pool water evaporates, pure water escapes while the dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium stay dissolved in the pool water. These minerals grow in parts per million over time in the pool water eventually creating hard pool water. Put simply, you are adding hardness to pool water…

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Pool Tile Cleaning Makes Your Pool Shine in Orange, Ca.!

One thing you can always count on with swimming pool water is a degree of tile scaling (white deposit build up over time). As swimming pool water ages, byproducts, minerals, and organic substances stay suspended in the pool water from tap water, chemicals, and swimmers. Some of those byproducts, minerals, and particulates will be filtered and/or killed, but over time your swimming pool water will get…

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