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Why Do We Get Hard Pool Water in Irvine, Ca.

Hard pool water is....well, HARD to avoid. Tap water has several minerals in it including calcium and magnesium. As pool water evaporates, pure water escapes while the dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium stay dissolved in the pool water. These minerals grow in parts per million over time in the pool water eventually creating hard pool water. Put simply, you are adding hardness to pool water…

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Salt Water Pool Tips in Westminster, Ca.

One thing about salt water pool operation is it is easier than dealing with the physical adding of chlorine. Don't get me wrong! You still have to test your chlorine levels and add acid manually to lower the pH and alkalinity as needed, but lowering or raising chlorine to the swimming pool has never been easier. You merely turn a dial or push a button.Pay Close…

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Everything About Owning A Salt Water Swimming Pool In Irvine, Ca.

Let's put a couple of myths down to bed immediately! A salt water swimming pool generates chlorine and is a chlorine swimming pool. This generated chlorine is pure and without byproducts like in manufactured chlorine.¬†Also, a salt water swimming pool has around 3,000 p.p.m. of salt concentration while ocean water has around 35,000 p.p.m. which means ocean water is 10 times more concentrated with salt than…

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