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4 Common Pool Pump Repair Issues

The pool pump is the heart of the pool system. It pumps water from the pool through the pool equipment and back to the returns in the swimming pool. You can count on some type of pool pump repair every 5 to 10 years. Let's go over 4 of the most common pool pump repair issues we encounter.Loud Pool PumpPool Pump LeakingMotor not workingPump won't primeLoud…

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Pool Heater Troubleshooting In Irvine Takes Time And Experience

Pool heaters are not what they were 20 years ago. Pool heaters used to be pretty simple before automation and digital technology. Pool heater troubleshooting involved gas, a few mechanical switches and sensors, and fire. When the thermostat failed, someone could get scalded as the heater would not stop heating. When the pump stopped circulating water, the copper pipe exchanger in the pool heater would get…

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Energy Efficient Pool Pump Installation In Newport Beach Could Save You Money

Have you ever heard the saying "With every obstacle comes opportunity"? Well, it's said many ways, but our homes are filled with gadgets and machines that need repair and maintenance. Innovation is constant and with necessary repairs come decisions and sometimes those decisions involve an investment that could lead to saving money. A new energy efficient pool pump can save you quite of bit of money…

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Cloudy Pool Water

We've all seen cloudy pool water, but how does an expert pool service figure out so quickly what is causing it? The first thing we would check at Pool Heaven is the pool water chemistry. Is there enough chlorine immediately comes to mind. If we find that the chlorine level is low or at zero, we know to add chlorine,non chlorine shock, and our proprietary algae…

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Find the Best Orange Swimming Pool Service

¬†You want to know that your Orange swimming pool service is legal, insured, experienced, and easy to communicate with. Let me start by saying that a swimming pool service needs to have a Ca. State Contractor's License to perform swimming pool service repairs over $500 of value including the equipment and/or parts no matter who obtains them. This is important, because most swimming pool service companies…

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