DIY Pool Clean Maintenance Can Be Costly

I can't tell you how many backyard ponds we have came across filled with various store bought chemicals and unnecessary products. We can just feel the pain and financial loss of DIY pool clean maintenance. DIY is Do It Yourself and I can try Do It Yourself Truck Maintenance and fix my own truck, but why would I when I have a professional mechanic with experience…

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Use Liquid Chlorine Instead of Tablet Chlorine For Perfect Pool Water Chemistry

In the winter, we will often hear "Our pool guy has not been here for weeks". After thorough investigation, our management finds out that this assumption is based on the chlorine tablet dispenser in the customer's pool being empty. Many customers will assume that we have not serviced their pool, because there are no chlorine tablets in the chlorine tablet dispenser. Well, we try not to…

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Energy Efficient Pool Pump Installation In Newport Beach Could Save You Money

Have you ever heard the saying "With every obstacle comes opportunity"? Well, it's said many ways, but our homes are filled with gadgets and machines that need repair and maintenance. Innovation is constant and with necessary repairs come decisions and sometimes those decisions involve an investment that could lead to saving money. A new energy efficient pool pump can save you quite of bit of money…

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Best Pool Algae Treatment

One of the most common problems we face with new pool service customers is the pool algae problem. Pool algae also called yellow algae can grow in perfect pool water chemistry too. The best pool algae treatment starts with super chlorinating our pool water to about 20 ppm to 30 ppm free, available chlorine. We need to annihilate the pool algae with chlorine to kill it,…

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Cloudy Pool Water

We've all seen cloudy pool water, but how does an expert pool service figure out so quickly what is causing it? The first thing we would check at Pool Heaven is the pool water chemistry. Is there enough chlorine immediately comes to mind. If we find that the chlorine level is low or at zero, we know to add chlorine,non chlorine shock, and our proprietary algae…

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