5 Great Duck Repellent Tips For A Cleaner Pool In Orange, Ca.

If you’ve owned a pool long enough, you know that ducks can get very comfortable in your pool when you’re not in it. They can make your pool fun and interesting at first, but they will make your pool dirty and unsafe over the long run. Ducks and their fecal matter may contain germs that can infect humans. Extra care and aggressive pool water chemistry is…

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Huntington Beach Pool Suction Issue

Every great pool service technician can feel a pool suction issue and know it's time to backwash, dismantle and clean the filter, clean the pump basket, etc. The best pool cleaners stay ahead of the game and maintain these items before any changes occur. This can be difficult in the summer when schedules get hectic, but our pool service technicians save themselves a lot of time…

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Best Ways to Maintain Your Hayward Navigator Huntington Beach Pool Cleaner

 We are heading into October and the Santa Ana winds will be here soon, so this is a perfect time to maintain your Hayward Navigator Huntington Beach Pool Cleaner. The Hayward Navigator is a great automatic swimming pool cleaner, so let's look at a few tips.The first thing you have to know is that there are a lot of movable parts inside this Hayward Navigator, so…

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How to maintain Your Kreepy Krauly Newport Beach Pool Cleaner

It is September and the windy season is approaching. This is a great time to make sure your automatic Newport Beach pool cleaner is working efficiently. This article will cover the Pentair Kreepy Krauly which is a popular Newport Beach pool cleaner.The common parts that degrade over time are the suction seal, foot pad, bypass valve, and the bumper strap on the back of the pool…

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Best Automatic Pool Cleaner in Irvine, Ca.

An automatic pool cleaner will keep your swimming pool cleaner on a daily basis.  Depending on your backyard environment and amount of use, an automatic pool cleaner may or may not be useful for you.There are three different types: Suction side (connects to your skimmer port hole or a dedicated suction port on the side of the pool), return side ( connects to the return side of…

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