5 Best Tips To Avoid Yellow Pool Algae

Yellow pool algae can be very stubborn and hard to keep out. Here are 5 items that we constantly battle to prevent yellow pool algaeWarm water, pool covers, and/or high useHigh pH and alkalinityDirty pool filter/bad parts insideHigh pool conditionerHigh phosphates1. Yellow Pool Algae Loves Warm Water, Pool Covers, and/or High UseIn our experience, the easiest way to invite yellow pool algae is to not add enough…

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5 Most Important Tests In Pool Water Testing In Orange County, Ca.

Pool water testing is always important, but when the pool water starts warming up, it is critical! The 5 most important pool water testing goals for us at Pool Heaven are:Pool Conditioner (50 to 80 ppm)Chlorine (2 to 4 ppm)pH (7.2 - 7.6)Carbonate Alkalinity (80 to 120 ppm)Phosphates (0-300 ppb)Pool ConditionerThe #1 item we focus on is the chlorine level as chlorine sanitizes the pool water…

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Use Liquid Chlorine Instead of Tablet Chlorine For Perfect Pool Water Chemistry

In the winter, we will often hear "Our pool guy has not been here for weeks". After thorough investigation, our management finds out that this assumption is based on the chlorine tablet dispenser in the customer's pool being empty. Many customers will assume that we have not serviced their pool, because there are no chlorine tablets in the chlorine tablet dispenser. Well, we try not to…

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Pool Conditioner is Important in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Pool conditioner (cyanuric acid) is also known as stabilizer. It is a chemical in swimming pool and spa water that helps hold chlorine in the water for longer duration. You also need to know that conditioner adds to total alkalinity in a pool and too much of it is a bad thing. Make sure and hire an IPSSA, water chemistry certified contractor if you are not an expert!When we test for total…

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