Pool Conditioner is Important in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Pool conditioner (cyanuric acid) is also known as stabilizer. It is a chemical in swimming pool and spa water that helps hold chlorine in the water for longer duration. You also need to know that conditioner adds to total alkalinity in a pool and too much of it is a bad thing. Make sure and hire an IPSSA, water chemistry certified contractor if you are not an expert!When we test for total…

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Balance Your Spa Water in Irvine, Ca.

In addition to draining your spa every month or two, you need to add a water sanitizer and balance your spa water to keep contaminants out. Many people do not like the smell and feel of the two, popular sanitizers, chlorine or bromine, but they are absolutely necessary to keep your spa water safe and clear.We have noticed that black mold is more likely to grow on spa…

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Perfect Water Chemistry in Newport Beach, Ca.

I am going to share a trade secret for maintaining perfect water chemistry. Believe it or not, the form of chlorine you add to your swimming pool water is very important!Chlorine in tablet form almost always has conditioner (cyanuric acid) in it. Conditioner actually adds to the total alkalinity of pool water and we need to subtract that cyanuric alkalinity (alkalinity from conditioner) from the total alkalinity…

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