Off Season Pool Service And What You Need To Know

Every season in Orange County offers different challenges to your pool service.  We have mild weather in Orange County which provides extended or even full year swim seasons. There is high use and warm weather in the summer. There are warm days and cold nights in the spring. There are Santa Ana winds in addition to rain storms from fall to summer. There is wind and…

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Huntington Beach Pool Suction Issue

Every great pool service technician can feel a pool suction issue and know it's time to backwash, dismantle and clean the filter, clean the pump basket, etc. The best pool cleaners stay ahead of the game and maintain these items before any changes occur. This can be difficult in the summer when schedules get hectic, but our pool service technicians save themselves a lot of time…

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What is the Best Pool Filter in Tustin?

The 3 most popular pool filters in Tustin are the diatamaceous earth filter, cartridge filter, and sand filter. Diatamaceous earth or d.e. is the most popular pool filter in Orange County, Ca. Cartridge filters are gaining in popularity though and Sand filters are the least popular.A Cartridge Pool Filter is More GreenCartridge filters are considered the green filter (environmentally conscience). This is, because they do not have…

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How does Pool Equipment Work in Costa Mesa, Ca.

Have you ever wondered why your swimming pool water is sparkling and clear? Well, you can thank your pool equipment and chlorine for that. Sparkling clear, blue swimming pool water indicates sanitized, filtered pool water. Think twice before jumping into cloudy pool water as this is a sign of lack of sanitizer and/or bad pool equipment. You can catch an infection or suffer from skin/eye irritation…

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Swimming Pool Filter Issues Cause Dirty Water in Huntington Beach, CA.!!

Occasionally, we will get phone calls from our customers regarding their swimming pools being dirty after their service day. Sometimes they will say " Our pool looks dirty! Noone came to clean it yesterday!". The customer is always right at Pool Heaven, so we have to investigate. If the pool is not clear and clean, swimming pool filter issues are always in the back of our minds!All we…

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