How does Pool Equipment Work in Costa Mesa, Ca.

Have you ever wondered why your swimming pool water is sparkling and clear? Well, you can thank your pool equipment and chlorine for that. Sparkling clear, blue swimming pool water indicates sanitized, filtered pool water. Think twice before jumping into cloudy pool water as this is a sign of lack of sanitizer and/or bad pool equipment. You can catch an infection or suffer from skin/eye irritation…

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Pool Party Planning Weeks in Advance in Huntington Beach!

 It never fails! Imagine it's Friday at 2 p.m and the phone rings. We have heard it 100 times and it never gets easier to respond to. The caller says " Our heater is not working and we're having a pool party tomorrow!". We don't work on weekends and our repair schedule is 1 week to 2 weeks filled in the summer. We do our best…

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Swimming Pool Heater Job From Hell In Fountain Valley

“Can of worms” is a phrase I use often when explaining estimates for swimming pool heater repairs. This is, because once the pool heater is dismantled and opened up, existing problems become front and center. Modern swimming pool heaters are digital and come with computers, mother boards, fans, and more movable parts then previously designed swimming pool heaters and ,thus come with more challenges and expensive repairs.There…

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