3 Advantages Of A Fiberglass Pool In Orange County, Ca.

In Orange County, Ca., we see a lot of plaster, pebble, and quartz pools, but we don't see a lot of fiberglass pools. There are not many reputable fiberglass pool finish contractors in Orange County, Ca. We have encountered several poor fiberglass pool finish projects which left a stigma with us at Pool Heaven. My own swimming pool is a molded fiberglass tub that was craned…

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What is the Best Swimming Pool Finish in Newport Beach, Ca.?

If you are considering a swimming pool remodel, you should have some basic information regarding what materials and style you will be wanting. New innovation has led to adding natural quartz and pebbles in various forms. The names can vary as some companies own the name of the designed product. Let's go over the popular swimming pool finish materials used most often in our Orange County,…

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