How does Pool Equipment Work in Costa Mesa, Ca.

Have you ever wondered why your swimming pool water is sparkling and clear? Well, you can thank your pool equipment and chlorine for that. Sparkling clear, blue swimming pool water indicates sanitized, filtered pool water. Think twice before jumping into cloudy pool water as this is a sign of lack of sanitizer and/or bad pool equipment. You can catch an infection or suffer from skin/eye irritation…

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Do I Need Pool Leak Detection in Huntington Beach, CA.

In Orange County, California we get mildly warm to hot weather in the summer usually from highs of 77 to 82 degrees near the coast to 100 degrees plus in the more inland hot spots. We estimate around 1 inch to 2 inch of water evaporation per week in the summer and depending on if your near the coast or in a hotspot. You will have…

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Save Money and Enjoy Your Swimming Pool More in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Believe it or not, swimming pools can save you money! You would be amazed how much money you spend on going out to dinner, travelling, and driving and insuring expensive cars. Understand that the more you stay home and enjoy your own efficient swimming pool, the more money and time you save not going out and spending money!We are going to offer several tips and ideas to help…

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Best Automatic Pool Cleaner in Irvine, Ca.

An automatic pool cleaner will keep your swimming pool cleaner on a daily basis.  Depending on your backyard environment and amount of use, an automatic pool cleaner may or may not be useful for you.There are three different types: Suction side (connects to your skimmer port hole or a dedicated suction port on the side of the pool), return side ( connects to the return side of…

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Make Your Swimming Pool Sparkle In the Winter!!

 We are going to share the biggest secret of the swimming pool service trade right here with all of you! I hope other swimming pool service contractors do not hate me after, but here it is: The biggest trade secret to make your swimming pool sparkle in the winter is consistency in servicing your pool.Yes, I know this is probably a let down for many of you, but servicing…

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